Posted by: Kathy Temean | August 26, 2011

Free Fall Friday

Illustration by John O’Brien from his picture book THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS

Upon seeing the picture that Kathy sent me for Free Fall Friday, I burst into laughter because I identify with the man pushing on the cow. In preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Irene—minus my husband, who is in California for business reasons—I feel like I am trying to lift a cow into a tree without much success. Normally, my husband is diligent about clearing our yard and porch of anything that might blow away in high winds. Without him here, I bear all my weight against our heavy outdoor furniture and shove it against the edge of the garage, praying for Irene to lose her strength before she arrives in Connecticut.

When you are not clearing your yard, running out to stock up on groceries, or making sure your flashlights have new batteries, take a moment to study this picture. Enjoy writing to the prompt.

I look at the picture and wonder how many cows are waiting to be lifted into the tree. How does the cow feel about this? Are the cows and the birds connected in some way? Ultimately, what are the woman and man trying to achieve by doing this? Is a child watching the couple? Would the child have a better idea how to get the cow in the tree, and if so, what might that be?

Stay safe in the storm, and if you lose electricity, pretend you live in the old days and enjoy writing by candlelight. You may find it inspiring!

Thanks Betsy! It looks like all of us on the east coast may really have to write in the dark this weekend when Irene comes knocking. I hate losing my electric and have my fingers crossed that it fizzles out, but the outlook looks dim.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Blessings your way, Kathy. Thank you for managing this even when a huge hurricane is headed your way! We’re all praying for you and that Irene makes a sharp right-hand turn out to sea.
    Pam B


    • Pam,

      We have all batten down our hatches here in New Jersey. It is raining hard, but Irene hasn’t gotten here with the winds yet. I am trying to do as much as I can on my computer while we still have electric. Thanks for think about me.



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