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Open to any writer who has never been the author of any published novel in any genre. Authors of self-published works may enter as long as the manuscript submitted is not the self-published work. Author cannot be under contract with a publisher for publication of a novel.

Entrants must request an application package by November 15, 2011.

Application must be postmarked by November 30, 2011. If a winner is selected, Minotaur Books will offer to enter into its standard form author’s agreement with the entrant for publication of the winning Manuscript. After execution of the standard form author’s agreement by both parties, the winner will receive an advance against future royalties of $10,000.

To enter, you must first request an entry form by sending an e-mail to: and include the following information:

Name of Entrant:

Manuscript Title:



All requests for entry forms must be received by Minotaur Books by email by November 15, 2011. DO NOT SEND MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSIONS TO MINOTAUR BOOKS.

2. Each entrant will receive an entry form by email containing the address of the judge to whom he or she will send (by regular mail or next-business-day delivery service) his or her manuscript. Entries must be postmarked no later than November 30, 2011 and received by judges no later than December 15, 2011 and must include:

a) A double-spaced and neatly typed copy of the manuscript (photocopies are acceptable), with pages numbered consecutively from beginning to end.

b) A letter or cover sheet containing the name, address, email address and telephone number of the entrant and the entrant’s previous writing credits, if any.

c) The application form, printed from their email, duly completed.

d) A digital copy of the manuscript burned to a CD or saved to a USB stick as a Microsoft Word document. All CDs and USB sticks should be marked with the author’s name and the title of the manuscript.

Each entrant must keep a copy of the Manuscript for his or her own protection. Minotaur Books will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or mislaid manuscripts. Because of the great volume of submissions we receive, the fact that judges are volunteers with full-time responsibilities elsewhere, and the fact that most writers now have the work in their computers, Manuscripts, CDs and USB sticks will not be returned. Please do not send return postage or envelopes for return of your Manuscript.

It is important that you submit your Manuscript as early as possible. Our judges are volunteers who are extremely busy with their primary concerns, and submissions will get a more careful reading if the judge does not have to contend with a flood of last-minute entries.

3.  Entrants must have a valid e-mail address.  In case of dispute as to identity of an entrant, entry will be declared made by the authorized account holder of the e-mail address provided to Minotaur Books.  “Authorized Account Holder” is defined as an actual person who is assigned an e-mail address by an Internet access provider, online service provider, or other organization (e.g., business, educational institution, etc.) responsible for assigning e-mail addresses or the domain associated with the submitted e-mail address.  Minotaur Books and Mystery Writers of America are not responsible for technical, hardware, software, telephone or other communications malfunctions, errors or failures of any kind, lost or unavailable network connections, website, Internet, or ISP unavailability, unauthorized human intervention, traffic congestion, incomplete or inaccurate capture of entry information (regardless of cause) or failed, incomplete, or delayed computer transmissions which may limit one’s ability to enter this Competition, including any injury or damage to any computer relating to or resulting from downloading any materials in this Competition.

All Manuscripts submitted: a) must be original works of book length (no less than 220 typewritten pages or approximately 60,000 words) written in the English language; b) must be written solely by the entrant, who may not be the author of any previously Published Novel; c) must not violate any right of any third party or be libelous, and dmust generally follow the Guidelines below.


a. Murder or another serious crime or crimes is at the heart of the story.

Read the rest:

Hope someone has a good crime mystery novel to send. Good Luck!

Talk tomorrow,


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