Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 17, 2011

Free Fall Friday

Here’s Betsy Devany:

I hope that all who attended the annual NJ SCBWI conference had an inspiring weekend! I certainly did. It was a treat to see so many friends, and to make new connections. It was also exhausting, but in a good way.

In my dream world, there would be an after-conference weeklong excursion. Kathy, Laurie, and all the committee members would escape to a tropical island, minus computers and cell phones, and anything else that human beings are a slave to. Alas, that world, for the moment, does not exist. Once the conference ended, my real-life escape was to Miami on a moment’s notice to care for an ill family member. I have yet to peruse my notes from the workshops I attended, and find myself wishing for more hours in a day. (I must stop wishing for undeniably unachievable goals, though it is nice to dream.)

Speaking of friends, I love these two companions, charmingly brought to life by Betsy Franco Feeney. I have always had an affinity for skunks, especially after encountering the skunk triplets who moved in front of the toy store last summer. I still look at the photos I took and swoon. Baby skunks are the cutest! (This reminds me to pull out my skunk manuscript; it’s been two years since I last worked on it.)

As for the illustration and your prompt for this week’s Free Fall Friday, which details capture your attention?  Which character? Might other creatures be lurking in the kitchen? Whose idea was it to make the pie? Bear or Skunk’s? Does Skunk want to make something different? And what about the pie? What will it taste like? Will it be overcooked? Will Bear share with Skunk, or will the pie mysteriously disappear when they leave it on the windowsill to cool?

Clearly, my mind needs to play.  What about you? Sit outside. Enjoy the nice weather. Fix yourself a tall glass of tea with mint and get to work. Write. Write. Write.  I’ll think of you while writing my own response to this image: Bear and Skunk and The Pie That Wasn’t Meant to Be.

Visit me at my blog where tomorrow’s post will be as much a surprise to me, as it will be for you. Happy Writing!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Hey, Betsy 🙂 I like the way you dream! I think we should all join you there in our virtual reality 😉 I, too, haven’t done anything that remotely resembles writing, unless you count emails lol Other things in life often take priority 😦

    And just so you know—that pie wasn’t meant to be for THEM because I already ate it 😉


  2. Not sure what the bear is cooking, but I want some! A week on a tropical island sounds like the perfect remedy for post-conference blues. Sometimes we need a vacation to recover from the vacation, and nothing recharges my writing batteries more than lounging in the sun with a good book.


    • KM,

      Always love when you drop by. Thanks.



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