Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 1, 2011

Kudos For New Jersey’s ARA – Laurie Wallmark

I was very happy to find out yesterday that my Assistant, Laurie Wallmark was chosen as the runner-up for the SCBWI Work-In Progress Grant for a non-fiction book.  The award is $500.  This is the second  year in a row that laurie was runner-up. Congratulations! Laurie.

At least a couple of times a week, I get an e-mail from a member where in the course of the e-mail they mention something very casually about some success they have had.  Please let me know your successes, so I can help tout them for you.  No one is going to think you are showing off and even small successes should be celebrated. 

We put success stories in Sprouts and as you can see, I like to brag about you.  Remember you are the one that has to make things happen and keeping things to yourself is the wrong strategy.  Please share your successes.

Here is the information for the WIP Grant.  Deadline for the next year is February 15th.

The SCBWI Work-In-Progress Grants are designed to assist children’s book writers in the completion of a specific project, and are made possible by a generous grant from

Grants for first place ($2000) and runner up ($500) are awarded in each one of seven different categories:

  • General Work-In-Progress grant
  • Grant for a contemporary novel for young people
  • Nonfiction research grant
  • Grant for work by an unpublished author
  • Grant for work from a multi-cultural/minority perspective
  • Barbara Karlin Grant for unpublished picture book writers.
  • Don Freeman Grant for unpublished picture book illustrators.

In any given year, an applicant may apply for: the General Work-In-Progress Grant OR the Work-In-Progress Grant for a Contemporary Novel for Young People OR the Work-In-Progress Nonfiction Research Grant. The Grant for a Work Whose Author has Never Had a Book Published may not be applied for — it will be chosen from all the entries in the other Work-In-Progress categories.

Eligibility: The Grants are available to both full and associate members of the SCBWI. They are not available for projects on which there are already contracts. Please note: members can apply for only one SCBWI grant per calendar year.

Grant Amounts:
Seven Grants of $2,000 will be awarded annually, one in each category. Seven Runner-Up Grants of $500 will also be awarded, one in each category. Authors of other projects cited by the judges as noteworthy will receive a Letter of Merit. In any given year, the SCBWI Grant Committee reserves the right to withhold the grant for that year.

Deadline: Completed application and accompanying materials must be postmarked no earlier than February 15th and must be RECEIVED BY March 15th. Receipt of your application will be acknowledged only if a stamped self-addressed post card is enclosed. The recipients of the grants will be announced in September.

Instructions for completing and submitting application materials:

Please check new prices for Summer Networking Dinners listed last week.  Each dinner has it’s own price.

Talk tomorrow,




    A BIG congrats to you, Laurie 😀 😀 😀 *clap clap clap*


  2. Congratulations!


  3. Lots of Congrats, Laurie!!!!!


  4. Congrats., Laurie!


  5. That is so GREAT! Congrats to Laurie — two years in a row — WOO HOO!!! (I’m still amazed that she has time for her own writing with all the work she does for this chapter!!)


  6. Congrats Laurie!
    Confetti & cake!

    Can’t wait to see you at the conference.



  7. Laur–you’re awesome!! See you soon!


  8. Congratulations, Laurie!


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