Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 25, 2011

What’s Up Today – Summer Agent/Editor Networking Dinners

It seems inquiring minds want to know what is going on with the Summer Networking Dinners being held in New York City in July and August. I have worked on this puzzle all yesterday and it still isn’t finsihed, but here is what it looks like right now.

Each dinner will be held at a very nice restaurant in New York City. I am working on getting the restaurants this week and will let you know which ones we will enjoy later this week.

Each dinner will have at least 7 editors/agents, Laurie Wallmark and myself at the dinner and 14 members who are lucky enough to purchase a spot.

What do we do at the dinners? We like to get a private room, so people can mingle and talk over a glass of wine. Then before dinner, we go around the dinner table and introduce ourselves and talk a little bit about what our current projects. The editors and agents will not be reading your work. This is a time to generate some interest in you and to see what editors and agents you would like to work with in the future. Is is a perfect opportunity to see if you might be a good fit for one of our guests and a great opportunity just to network with everyone in the room.

Since I have not set up the restaurants, I can not give you a price for the dinners, yet, but last year they where around $140.  My goal is to get the restaurants and the editors/agents confirmed by the end of the week.  Then I will let everyone know the places and who is coming to each dinner and also the price.  Conference attendees get the lowest price on the dinners.  If you are someone who is not attending the conference, you can choose to pay $40 more to reserve a spot before the conference or take your chances that there will be a spot still open after the conference.  If there is you will be able to attend for the same price as the conference attendees.

Here are the dates:

July 5th
July 6th
July 19th
July 20th
Aug. 23rd
Aug. 24th 

Talk tomorrow,


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