Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 20, 2011

Free Fall Friday

Here’s Betsy:

A great illustration by the talented Lena Shiffman! Again, lots of different personalities. I love the tall girl in the middle with her magic outfit! And I want to know what the second child in line is holding in his hands. Slippers, perhaps? The followers seem content in following, while the leader appears to be a born leader, though I can imagine the middle girl being a leader one day.
She has that sense of confidence and joie to life about her.

Being who I am, the littlest at the end speaks to me. What is she thinking? Does she want to be in this parade or go back home to play with her bunny? You decide.

Try giving all the kids names. This will make the illustration more personal to you before you start writing to the prompt. Whose idea was the parade? Where are they marching? How long do they march for? Do some get tired?

Now I want to write to the prompt, the more I think about it, but a boy named Filbert is calling my name. Before I head to the toy store for an eight-hour shift, I need to write. You do, too. So get going. Enjoy studying the illustration and then go wherever your imagination wants to take you.  Tell yourself you can do this, and then write a one paragraph or first page. Or more!

Have fun! Oh, and stop by my blog to read all about this years New England SCBWI annual conference.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. My apologies for being late in posting my first of several pieces on the NE SCBWI conference. I admit to falling asleep. The link is now up:

    Thanks, Kathy, for all your hard work. You must be exhausted. The conference will be fabulous because of you!


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