Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 19, 2011

Watch Your Reputation – Publishing Industry Rants

Don’t lose your temper.  Don’t say things on the Internet that can come back to bite you.  If you send a copy of your ebook or any other book to a reviewer, you need to realize that he or she may not like parts of your book.  If you do an ebook, please take the time to get it properly edited.  Small things can ruin a writer’s reputation.  I can’t even begin to tell you about this post and ebook author.  Just click the link below, take 10 minutes to read the comments and you will know exactly what I am talking about.  If only she would have kept her mouth shut.  Please do not let this happen to you.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Wow! That’s too bad because the reviewer said she had a decent story (which can be the most important part of writing.) Despite the issues about which book should have been reviewed, the author should have/could have handled it better. Had she been apologetic for the wrong book, etc., maybe they would have taken a second look.


  2. Chris,

    I do feel sorry for her. Maybe she can start writing under a Pen Name.



  3. I read this a while ago and it was much like watching a car wreck in slow motion. Kathy, above, has it right — a pen name is definitely in order.


  4. I just don’t know what to say. Inappropriate comes to mind, but feels too soft. The sad thing is, while she certainly ruined her own career (which, based on the few sentences I read from her work, wasn’t going to take off anyway), she also put a damper on this idea for other writers who might consider it as an option for their own writing. Whew! Still at a loss. My goodness gracious me-o-myeo…,,,


  5. I have to say that, unfortunately, I’ve run into quite a few people like this over the years being online, most of them not writers. The fact that she IS a writer and has behaved so immaturely and over-the-top defensively in this venue was moronic, in my opinion. Also, from the way she wrote her responses: her spelling, grammar and style of communication is terrible! I’d say we can be pretty sure this is indicative of the quality (or lack) of her writing.

    Sadly, she’s reminding me of someone I know personally whose self-published book I just finished reading. I was thankful a couple of things came up toward the end that I could comment positively on because, the truth is, the writing was extremely poor. She, on the other hand, thought it was polished. It makes me sad because she loves writing, majored in Journalism and sees herself as the next “Stephenie Meyer” as far as the fame, but because of her impatience submitting (she only tried for about 6 months and was rejected by one agent who liked her premise), and her exaggerated opinion of her work, I fear she’ll never be published any other way. I bought her book to support her, and it is only because I know her that I made it past the first paragraph (I’m not kidding here).

    I’m glad you posted it, Kathy, ’cause it IS a good example of what NEVER to do! And it certainly adds to the point that one person posted on her blog, that her rant went “viral” as just that—what NOT to do!


  6. Oh my gosh Kathy, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I am still having giggle fits. The author was absolutely bizarre. The best was after every few posts, there she was with her classic line: F-off!
    Cat 😀


    • Oh, Cathy, I’m so glad you posted that! I didn’t read down far enough to get to the beginning of the “f-off” responses! And everything I’m reading since has had me laughing to tears! I just finished reading this response (in reference to the “author” talking about her “emergency copy”), and thought how PERFECT! LOL:

      Anonymous said…
      An emergency copy may be like the emergency roll of TP I hide behind the towels so the kids can’t waste it. You know. For emergencies.

      March 28, 2011 12:29 PM

      I’m sorry, but—HILARIOUS!

      I feel sorry for the “author,” simply because she has some serious problems, but this thread is great! I’m keeping it handy on my homepage so I can dip into it in pieces (after all—there are 309 comments!). It’s great! Thanks to BOTH K/Cathies!


  7. Thanks for sharing this. It’s a good example of what not to do!


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