Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 15, 2011

Opportunity – Agent Carlie Webber

Carlie Webber refused to major in English in college because no one would let her read R.L. Stine or Stephen King for class. She took her love of popular and young adult fiction to the Master of Library and Information Science program at the University of Pittsburgh, where they let her read all the bestsellers she wanted. After completing her degree, she worked as a young adult librarian and book reviewer. Now she is growing her agenting career through her loyal yet intrepid work with the four US agents of Jane Rotrosen Agency. Her first love is YA, from the serious and scary to the funny and fluffy, and she is also interested in representing middle grade fiction in a range of genres. In the adult realm she enjoys horror, mystery, thrillers, suspense, contemporary romance, literary fiction, and women’s fiction.

If you would like to snatch some time with Carlie, then send Laurie Wallmark  an e-mail with your 15 pages and synopsis. Then send a check for $55 to NJSCBWI PO BOX 660 Ringoes, NJ 08551.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Wow, I love her style! You have to admire someone who was so determined and passionate about something to find the right college to make it happen HER way! Wow!


  2. Wow, Kathy — you keep pulling out all the stops for this conference, huh?! What a great opportunity for some of the people who jumped on the conference bandwagon a little late. Looking forward to another great time learning, networking, and having fun in Princeton.


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