Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 11, 2011

Special Critique Opportunity

Agent Ammi-Joan Paguette from the Erin Murphy Literary Agency has been on my mind, so today we talked and I added her to the line up for the conference.  Laurie calls her Joan and I call her Ammi, so whatever you call her, she is going to do something special for us.   She represents all forms of children’s and young adult projects, but only accepts queries via referral or from people she has met at conferences.

Here’s how her special critiques will work:

You will e-mail to me a pitch, the first three pages of a manuscript and a synopsis if it is a novel.  You will get 10 minutes to sit down with her to talk about what you submitted and go over what she thought on all three things.  With this sample she should be able to tell if she wants to see more. 

Ammi-Joan says, “To me, being an agent is like conducting a perpetual treasure hunt. My clients send me their wonderful manuscripts. My job is to look at all aspects of their projects and the market, follow the clues of concept, style and interest, and match each project up with the right editor who will fall madly in love.”

The cost is $55.

Editor Heather Alexander’s spots filled up in a snap.  Don’t miss this opportunity.  E-mail me to secure a spot.  Want to thank David Caruba for the idea seed that lead to this being offered.

Talk tomorrow,


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