Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 22, 2011

Free Fall Friday – Contest

Ever since Feb. 19th when I featured that wacky Brit, Hazel Mitchell on Illustrator Saturday, I’ve had this illustration on my mind.  It just conveys so much fun and with all the work I’ve been doing for the conference, I love how it makes me want to get up from my desk and  kick up my heels.  I thought perhaps it might inspire you to write something fun.  

Here’s Betsy:

I smiled when I saw this illustration, especially having spent the afternoon with my granddaughter. After dressing in one of her many princess gowns, she asked me to put on her favorite Scottish music. Then she began to do a jig. My job, as always, was to be an audience member. Joined by all her stuffed animals, I sat on the couch and made sure that each animal praised Ava’s dancing. (She gave me these specific instructions months ago.)

This sketch reminds me of the joy of life, in particular the simple things. Like baking cookies with someone you love, dancing spontaneously, or enjoying the company of your furry friends. The woman in the drawing clearly embraces simple joys. Seeing this makes me yearn for those same moments. Especially in this day and age.

Aside from the woman and her cat, there are no clues about her surroundings. Where is she? What time is it? What kind of cookies is she making? It could be bread or anything else, though I seem to have cookies on my mind.

Write a first line, first paragraph, or chapter. How about a song? Plenty comes to my mind after seeing the image.

The end of our contest will soon come to an end. Send us your beginnings for this week or prior weeks, but get them in. We’d love to read them.

This week, my blog features another story from the toy store. Stop by and visit. I hope you enjoy the photos of Bear and the baby bossy frogs—still being quite bossy, though always very entertaining.

Talk tomorrow,


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