Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 15, 2011

Free Fall Friday – Contest

This picture illustrated by Brad Snead has so much action, I thought you might like to use it to inspire a story.  Brad was feature last month on Illustrator Saturday.  Remember there is only two weeks left to the contest. 

Here’s Betsy:

I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather, I know I am. My fingers itch to work in the garden, especially now that my perennials are pushing up through the ground. It is my favorite time of year.

Emerging plants beckon my name; the sun teases me through the window; and yet, I restrain from slipping on a pair of gardening gloves—not until I’ve written for several hours in the morning. How do I warm up in the morning when I am groggy and the coffee maker drips so painfully slow, I ponder running back to bed? I write to a prompt. Like a ballerina who stretches at the bar before dancing center floor, I write for ten or so minutes about something other than my WIP. Responding to a prompt loosens my muscles, frees my mind, and by the time the coffee is brewed, I am ready to go.

For those of you who want to write, but can’t seem to find the motivation, write to the Free Fall Friday prompts. Start now, this week.

Which details jump out at you? Which character? At first, I didn’t notice the man to the left in the background, I was instead drawn to the horse and the boy. How did they get in the store? Why are they there? Does the boy know the shopkeeper? How long has the horse been in the store?

Once you study the details of the picture, let go of your fears and frustrations. Don’t think, have fun. Enjoy the act of writing.

Remember to send us your beginnings!

This week’s post on my blog revolves around ducks and dragons: a tale from the toy store where I work. Stop by and visit.

Talk tomorrow,


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