Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 11, 2011

Deadlines and New Opportunity


Any attendee who brings in three new registrations to the NJSCBWI Conference in June, will receive a free agent or editor critique.

Marietta Zacker is joining the Humor Intensive on Friday June 3rd.  Here is how it will work.  Attendees will work with Audrey and Olugbemisola for the 3/4 th of the workshop on writing humor, while Marietta critiques the first three pages and one page synopsis of a work-in-progress for each person in the session.   This Intensive is made up of a small group of authors.  During the break participants will have time to talk with Marietta and she will join the group during the last hour, so attendees can read the results of what they wrote during the workshop.  She will comment on the results.  Participants will receive their work-in-progress back by the end of the workshop.

Mary Kole has joined the Characterization Intensive and will help the small group of attendees with their writing excercises and in addition, she will critique your first page, synopsis from one of your manuscripts, help with the query letter, listen to the pitch you put together for the manuscript, and give you pointers.

If you would like to join the Humor Intensive or the Charactrization Workshop, please e-mail me to let me know and send your check for $130 to NJSCBWI  PO BOX 660  Ringoes, NJ  08551.  You must attend the full conference.

And don’t forget: 

If you sign up for the workshop, “Three Sirens Talk About the Side Road to Success” with Agent Natalie Fischer, and authors Natalie Zaman, and Charlotte Bennardo, everyone will have their name put into a hat and at the end of the session 22 winners will be drawn. What are the prizes? Natalie and Charlotte will each critique the first five pages of six winning names (total 12). Agent Natalie Fischer will critique pick ten winners out of the hat and critique their first 3-pages.

Here are some other things you need to  know if you are attending the conference:  

1. If you haven’t filled out new workshop form, please do so ASAP!  Donna at has donated her time to record your choices.  The schedule hangs on this getting done.  All of you always tell me to let you know if I need help, so I am asking you to help by getting this done right away. I  have so many other things on my “To do” list.  Deadline: April 12th!  That’s Tuesday.  Would love to have it sooner.  I still have my taxes to do.

2. Manuscript critiques:  You will receive an email around April 20th giving you the addresses you need to mail in your manuscripts.  If you have signed up for multiple critiques you could receive three e-mails.  All author critiques will be mail directly to the author.  Editor and agent critiques will get mailed out to them by one of our volunteers.  All manuscripts must be postmarked no later than April 27th. We ask everyone to start working on this now, so it can go in the mail in a timely manner.  The success of the critiques depend on everyone’s cooperation.  If you do not meet the deadline you run the risk of losing your spot and you will be charged a $20 late fee.

3. If you are a first timer to this conference, sign up for the First Timers Workshop.  It will be a great place to get all your questions answered and meet people.  Since you don’t have to be new to have questions, anyone attending the conference is welcome.  Please email Laurie Wallmark, so we can reserve a big enough room. It starts at 4:00 pm on Friday.


Participate in art exhibit                             

Email:      (deadline 4/15)

sell your published book at the book fair                           

Email:                                        (deadline 4/15)      

participate in a Saturday night peer group critique              

Email:                        (deadline 5/1)

5. If you were planning to add a critique, please e-mail me so I can get you on the list.  I am working on matching people up with the editors and agents, right now, and would love to get this finished.  If you do say you want to add a critique, please let me know what type of manuscript you want to submit.  Just telling me it is a MG manuscript might not get you the best match, so give me a little more than that.  I always have people at the end asking for a critique spot.  Once the manuscripts are sent out to the faculty it is hard to add a new person, so do yourself a favor and decide now.  You will end up with a better editor or agent fit and not have to worry if I can make it happen.

Hope you can join us and make it happen.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Kathy, is that the kind of conference room/set-up we are going to have? I need to plan.

    TIA, Barb


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