Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 8, 2011

Free Fall Friday – Contest

I love this picture by Katia Wish.  I can definitely see a story brewing.  What about you?  Take a few minutes to write a first page or first two lines and possibly win some tickets to use in the NJSCWBI June Conference Raffle taking place in June.  Send your results to  You can enter every week during March and April, so if you missed a week go back and submit something for all the ones you missed.  We have some great illustrators exhibiting their work at the June Conference.  Katia is one of them.

Here’s Betsy:

The illustration for this week’s Free Fall Friday challenge is by Katia Wish. Katia’s image is wonderful, fun, and engaging. I can almost hear what the man is saying, as well as what the woman is thinking, or wants to say. Clearly, someone is not happy.

Are these two characters a couple, or are they related in another way? Where are they? (The fishing pole might be a hint.) Only two fish are in the bowl, and they are rather small. Who do you suppose caught the fish?

Since the focus is on children’s literature, you might want to have a child off-scene who is observing the interaction. How might the child be related to these two? If you prefer to only focus on the couple, I suggest you play with the dialogue. That is where the fun would be for me.

Enjoy this prompt, have a great week with your writing, and send us your beginnings.

On another note, I hope some of you might consider a donation for the raffle to be held during the NJSCBWI conference this June. Donations are already coming in, and I know the attendees will be pleased with what we’ll have to offer. If you are interested, contact me at Please put “NJ Raffle” in the header.

Over at my blog this week, I’ve posted the last installment of my Whispering Pines experience.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Hello! I haven’t done one of these in a while… but I had fun with this one. Here’s my response to the prompt.


    • Kathryn,

      Thanks for sending the link. You have a really good imagination. Thanks for sharing.



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