Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 7, 2011

Summer Editor/Agent Networking Dinners Explained

The past few week, I have started getting a bunch of questions from writers.  Not just New Jersey and New York, but member from all over the world, wanting to get more information.  The Summer Networking dinners take place in New York City and are offered first to the people attending the June Conference in Princeton, NJ.  If there are spots still available after the conference, they will be sold to other members who did not attend the conference. 

I will post the dinners and dates when we finish setting them up and anyone who wants to secure a spot before the conference can do so if they pay an additional $75.

We are currently working on gathering the editors and agents participating this year.  Each dinner will have at least 4 editors, agents (usually we have at least one dinner with art reps, art directors, editors and agents for the illustrators).  I look for very nice restaurants with private dining rooms, so we can mix and mingle before dinner.  Once we order dinner, everyone introduces themselves and gets to talk about what they are working on, so all the agents and editors can get to know you better.  We have the editors and agents switch seats during dessert, to help give everyone more opportunity to talk to our VIP’s.

It is a lot of work to coordinate all the editors and agents and then plan the dinners, but everyone has loved them, so I continue to do them.  They are a lot of fun and since we keep the dinner small, they provide a lot of opportunity to talk with the editors and agents attending.  Dinner includes appetizer, entrée, dessert and one alcoholic beverage.  Dinners are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the summer months and usually are around $125.  All dinner must be paid for in advance and there are no refunds.

Look forward to spending some time with you this summer.

Talk tomorrow,


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