Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 1, 2011

Free Fall Friday – Contest

I would like to remind everyone of the writing contest that continues.  Write a first page and or the first two lines of a story and submit it for consideration.  If there are more than 10 submissions in a month for each (First Page and First Lines), a separate prize will be given for a full first page and one for the first two lines.  Prizes are as follows:

$5 off a future NJSCBWI event for the first two lines.

$10 off a future NJSCBWI event for the first page.

Prizes can not be used for any previously booked event, the summer networking dinners or for a First Page Session, but they can be used at the NJSCBWI conference in June to purchase raffle tickets, bid on editor critiques, additional critiques you might decide to purchase before the conference starts or a future mentoring workshop.

If you are planning on attending the conference, then you reslly should think about taking a few minutes to submit soemthing.

Winners will be announced and the winning entry posted on this blog.  You do not have to be from New Jersey to enter or win.  To submit, please make sure you put Free Fall Friday and that Friday’s date in the subject line and send it to

Here’s Betsy:

Kathy sent me this picture  and I loved it immediately. What spoke to me first were the colors in the painting, the contrast between the girl and the person watching her, and the blueness of her eyes highlighted against the green mask. I can’t imagine not feeling some emotional reaction to this picture, which almost requires little studying. One glimpse and I was jotting down a number of story beginnings. The image is, for me, that evocative.

What does it do for you? What images spring to mind? What is the story behind the girl with the mask? Why is she being watched, and does she know she is under surveillance?

These are all questions for you to consider. I hope that you do. Stretch your imagination, put on some classical music, and go to town. Let your writing take you somewhere new, and share it with us. Remember to keep sending us your first sentences or first paragraphs.

Have fun!

This week, I blogged about an annual writer’s retreat known as Whispering Pines. Here are the links:

This picture was illustrated by Carlyn Beccia.  She was featured on Illustrator Saturday On March 12, 2011.

Talk tomorrow,


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