Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 25, 2011

Free Fall Friday

Love this illustration by Don Tate.  I hope it inspires you to pull out your pen or keyboard and write.  Don’t over think things.  Just get started and let the words flow. 

Here’s Betsy:  For this week’s prompt, Kathy has provided another active picture, which makes me yearn for warmer weather and the return of our local farmers’ market. I can almost taste the carrot and fresh tomatoes, obviously enjoyed by one gluttonous rabbit.

Note the rabbit’s fingers and toes. Did a character turn into a rabbit after eating the vegetables? Was he invited into the garden or did he sneak onto the property? There are many details to pay attention to before you respond to his visual prompt. As for me, I am wondering bout the bear skipping rope by the fence.

Have fun with the picture. Perhaps put on music for children to get into the mood. Which detail draws you in the most? Why? While you let the image ignite your imagination, I will be making fried green tomatoes. At this moment, nothing sounds better!

Have a great week, and keep sending us your first lines and first paragraphs.  For my Skittles story, here is the link:

Thanks Betsy. Remember, all submissions have a chance to win in the Free Fall Friday Contest.

Talk tomorrow,


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