Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 4, 2011

Free Fall Friday – Contest

During March and April, visitors can use the picture of the week to write a first page and or the first two lines of a story and submit it for consideration in the Free Fall Friday Contest. If there are more than 10 submissions in a month for each (First Page and First Lines), two winners will be chosen for the month.  Prizes are as follows:

$5 off a future NJSCBWI event for the first two lines.

$10 off a future NJSCBWI event for the first page.

Prizes can not be used for any previously booked event, the summer networking dinners or for a First Page Session, but they can be used at the NJSCBWI conference in June to purchase raffle tickets, bid on editor critiques or additional critiques you might decide to purchase before the conference starts oe a future Mentoring Workshop or a subscription of Sprouts Magazine.

Winners will be announced and the winning entry posted on this blog.  You do not have to be from New Jersey to enter or win.  To submit, please make sure you put Free Fall Friday and that Friday’s date in the subject line and send it to

Here’s Betsy: 

I was thrilled when Kathy sent me her choice of picture for this week’s Free Fall Friday. A fan of Jerry Pinkney’s work, I am confident this image will inspire you to write something. Remember, for the next few weeks, we are looking for a first two lines or a first page, but don’t let that stop you from going further. We would love to learn that Jerry Pinkney’s artwork led you to writing beyond a first page. Perhaps you may write an entire chapter or maybe, outline a new story.  If you put your mind and heart into your work, anything is possible.

As for me, when I sit alone in my writing room, I allow my imagination to pull me into the picture, onto the porch, where I swing, side by side, with my grandmother. Close your eyes and remember what if feels like to be on a porch swing. Does the swing creak? Does it move in an even rhythm? At what rate of speed are you moving? Now open your eyes and study the picture. What do you know about the relationship between the two characters from observing their body language? What is the grandmother saying? Does the girl like what she is hearing? Does she respect her grandmother? What kind of day is it?

We hope to be seeing some first lines or first pages coming our way. If your own writing limits your participation in writing challenges, how might we reformat Free Fall Friday to serve you better? We look forward to hearing your comments or suggestions.

Have a great week!  Thanks Betsy.

Talk tomorrow,


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