Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 27, 2011

Six Tips To Spice Up Your Novel

Flip through your manuscript without reading it and look for:

1.  The white space.  How much is there?

2.  Do you have paragraphs that take up most of the page?  Most people skim pages with no white space.

3.  Are there a lot of paragraphs that run a half a page?  You can keep your reader more engaged by breaking up long paragraphs and passages of dialog.

4.  Do you have scenes with no long paragraphs?  Remember variety is the spice of life in your novel.

5.  Check Dialog and look for places where your characters make little speeches to each other.

6.  Are your chapters exactly the same length?  Brief scenes can add to your stories tension.  Longer chapters can give it a leisurely feel.  Try to become aware of the rhythm you are creating when you write.

Hope this helps you with your revisions.  Sometimes you just need someone to remind you not to forget to do the little things that are easily overlooked.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. I guess this is a very effective tip and guide. If the book is valid, it will discover a crowd of people that is intended to understand it. An author is somebody for whom composing is more troublesome than it is for others. I cant wait to see more posts on your blog soon. Thanks for sharing such wonderful information. Cheers!


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