Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 13, 2011

So You Want To Write A Novel

Eve Adler has left her position as associate editor at Henry Holt to become an editor at Grosset & Dunlap, starting 2/22.  Congratulations Eve and good luck!  You can meet Eve at the New Jersey SCBWI Conference in June.

Anita Nolan sent me this yesterday.  I thought you would enjoy a good laugh.  How many of you have met the writer below?

This one was sent to me by Jeanne Balsam.  Beside being extremely funny it is an excellent example of great marketing.

Sometime life just needs a good laugh.  Hope it was okay to share these with you.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Much enjoyed. Thanks.


  2. Hi Kathy,

    I am the author of the first video you posted (with the animated bears), and I thank you for posting it on on your blog!

    David Kazzie


    • David,

      It was so funny, since I have actually heard people say the things in the video. Good job. Are you a writer?



  3. Kathy,

    I am a writer. I write a humor blog, and I’ve been writing novels for the past ten years. I recently signed with an agent. Yes, the video helped get me on my agent’s radar.


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