Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 11, 2011

Free Fall Friday

Here’s Betsy!

Well, here we are entering the seventeenth week of Free Fall Friday. Is everyone writing? I hope so. I am.

Close to finishing another middle grade novel, I am also in my second week of the Picture Book Marathon. It is challenging, and I have fallen behind this week, but worrying about that is unproductive. I have commitments that require my attention, such as Free Fall Friday.

As promised for the month of February, my prompt focuses on a subject geared for the younger audience.

Look at the picture. This stuffed animal has been waiting for a very long time to be loved, having watched other toys come and go, only to left behind, again and again. He is not alone in his waiting. There are others, all hoping; all longing for the moment when a child notices them, grabs onto them, and then will not let go.

Many children bounce into the store, knowing what they want. Others burst through the open door of the toy store with one goal in mind: when they leave the store, they will have a new toy to bring home. Ask them what toy that might be and they will respond, “I dunno. In particular, I love to work with these children. They wander up and down the ramp, from one end of the store to the other. Aimlessly. They touch everything. Flip through all the books. Plop on the floor and study the backs of the toy boxes. They really, really want something, but don’t know what that something is. And in the meantime, they drive their parents crazy. Ten minutes in the store become thirty minutes, and then an hour has passed. The parents’ eyes glaze over. I take the lead and go in for the mother of all challenges: a kid with a five-dollar bill who can’t find the perfect toy to buy.

Imagine this scenario. Imagine you are the toy that has never sparked a child’s interest. More than anything, you want a kid to fall in love with you. Would you ever give up hoping? Would you be jealous of the ones that found homes? If you wanted to get a kid’s attention, what would you do?

On my blog, there are additional photos of animals needing homes.
Choose one of them, be inspired by their plight, and write a one-page response.
I’ll be back next week!

Thanks Betsy!  Let us know if you have written something that you think you may use for a new story.

Talk tomorrow,


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