Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 6, 2011

Important Reminder & Contest

Only 10 days left to get the “Early Bird” pricing for the June 3-5, 2011 New Jersey SCBWI Conference being held in Princeton, NJ. 

You may pay by using PayPal.  Just go to Figure up your total, add $10 and send it to PayPal does not charge the sender a fee for using their service.  You will still need to snail mail your registration or if you have a scanner, you can scan and e-mail.  
FIRST TIMERS:  We have a special session for you to get the most out of your conference experience. Sign up on the registration form near the bottom of the first page.  

BOOKFAIR: If you are a published author and plan to participate in the book signing, you need to let Kelly know what books need to be ordered.  We are having a bookstore in Princeton sell the books. This is another reason to sign up early.  We are planning to do local promotion this year, so if you register late, you may miss this important opportunity.
ILLUSTRATORS:  We are having our Fourth Annual Logo Contest.  The winner will be recognized, receive an award at the June Conference and will have their artistic logo with their name appear printed on the tote bags given to the faculty.  The top three winners will be invited to the Faculty Dinner on Saturday night. Here is how you can enter:
Tote Bag Logo will need to be 4″ wide by 6″ high and submitted at 300 dpi resolution. 
Other possible sizes for additional give-a-ways:
6″ wide X 2″ high
3″ wide X 4″ high
5″ wide X 3″ high
4″ wide X 6″ high
There isn’t any shadowing in logo art, so it must be solid one color art.  Print color white.  If you can use Photoshop, send the art with a transparent background.  If not, we will take out the background. The picture on the left is this year’s faculty bag. You can submit more than one design, so even if you don’t get chosen for the tote bag you may get your work printed on one of the other size items above.  

Please e-mail to: by April 8, 2011. Make sure you use your name in the file names you submit.  And put ” 2011 Logo Contest” in the Subject area.   

See Last Year’s Winner

Click for Runners-ups

Other Submissions

Illustrators’ Exhibit:  This is another thing we will be promoting, so sign up early.  Email Cathy for details. The faculty will be judging the pieces in the exhibit and a winner will be announced on Sunday.

Lots of great things happening this year.  I hope you will be able to join us.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Hello

    Are you still doing the picture book/children`s book work shops at clear view ? I looking for a place or someone to review my latest story.


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