Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 29, 2011

Illustrator Saturday – Andrew Cox

Andrew Cox is a traditional fantasy illustrator who has been producing work for more than twenty-five years.  Just like there are books for young children, middle grade, young adult, and adult, Andrew’s art is for the older audience.  I think it is interesting to see how he has practice drawing muscles, faces, the human form, etc.  You can really see that it has paid off in his artwork.

Andrew was born Jamaica, grew-up in Montreal and currently lives in Toronto.  He is a self taught artist, although he did spend some time in college and university. He believes that in order to reach any degree of excellence you must have ambition, tenacity,curiosity,and an appetite for knowledge, including a desire to master and apply the specific skills necessary in achieving your objective. 

Here is Andrew:  I began selling my work when I was about seventeen years old. The type of work I was commissioned to  produced then were graffiti designs painted directly onto jackets. I have been drawing and painting from the moment I knew such things were possible, and that my imagination didn’t have to remain just fleeting moments of inspiration and wonder, forgotten, forever unrealized and left to collect dust in the vast universe of neuronal connections that gave birth to my mind. I still remember my very first drawing and why I did it. I was, possibly,  about six years old walking home, and on the lawn next to the sidewalk I spotted a piece of paper with something on it. Out of curiosity I picked it up. What was on that piece of paper was a drawing of a humanoid creature I called Rock Man. Later I came to know this creature as The Thing  from The Fantastic Four (Marvel Comics). Finding that coloured penciled drawing was the spark that set the fires of my imagination raging and seeking ever more wonders to consume.
My very first drawing was of my teddy bear on which I placed a police man’s cap. The reason for the cap was that during that day I had seen a police man, and was very taken with the visor on his cap. It was very important for me to get the look of the visor correct, and that I did accomplish. It was the first sense of personal achievement I had ever experienced. It was not about show, it was strictly about me and my private universe.
The mediums I utilize are oils, ink, water colours and graphite pencils etc. My work is clean precise and very detailed, one of my strong points is human anatomy. I have produced work for book covers, t-shirts, murals and finishes for model homes and portraits. My work has appeared in various publications such as Muscle Mag International, Oxygen, Women’s Physique World, Art Scene International and will be featured in an upcoming issue of ImagineFX magazine in 2011. 

The children’s faces and the mermaid were unpublished works produced for Scholastic Books. At the last moment the marketing department decided to go with a different style of illustration. The other images are portfolio pieces.

The portrait of the three dogs, produced using graphite pencils, was a private commission done for a gentleman who had lost one of his dogs, which is the one featured prominently in the foreground. When I presented the finished work he literally started to cry. He said he had no idea the portrait would be that good.  The other images are works produced in order to continue to to sharpen my skills. The anatomy sketches are produced completely from memory something I continue to practice and always will.

The first two sketches are are portfolio pieces. The rest are T-shirt designs of female fitness athletes which have also appeared in several magazines (MuscleMag International, Oxygen, Women’s Physique World). The owner of the company I produced these works for began sending me checks for the full cost of the illustrations before they were completed, because he said, “Whenever I see your name on a package I know it’s going to be a good day.” 


The first illustration ‘Kung-Fu’ is an unused T-shirt design. The next three images are portfolio pieces. Then there is the painting, produced using oil paints, and its corresponding sketch which was a private commission done for a gentleman who wanted to show off his new tattoo in a dramatic way – he is the one who is about to do battle with the Lord of Darkness. There is a second painting to be commissioned which will depict the outcome of the battle. The last sketch is for a painting done for a story I wrote.

The first painting, produced using oil paints, was for a science fiction story I wrote called Bad Seed: The Gene Dreams.The next three are portfolio pieces. And of the last two the first is an unused storyboard for a short film. The second is a comic book page from another short story I had written.

Andrew says, “Art for me has always been, in part, about the state of mind I am in when creating, better known as Flow – and second the work which is being created which for me is a vehicle that transcends the boundaries of consensus reality and takes me to places and worlds I have never been to nor seen before. I guess for me my motto would be To explore the farther reaches and dimensions of my imagination, and to have something tangible at the end of my journey.”
“I am an insatiable reader and have wanted to create book cover art ever since reading my first two science fiction novels by Micheal Moorcock in 1980.The type of work I mostly enjoy creating is fantasy and science fiction.”

I hope you take the time to visit Andrew’s website, he has so many more pieces of art.  His graphic novel storybook artwork is really exceptional.  Don’t miss it. 

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Such outstanding detail and beautiful line! Wow!


  2. I LOVE illustrator saturdays! Every week I’m stunned by another artist’s work. You work so hard, Kathy, helping so many others. Just wanted to tell you how much it means.:)


    • Pam,

      I so glad that you enjoy Illustrator Saturday, because it takes at least 4 hours for me to post. Is it amazing how every illustrator style is different, but all are wonderful? There is so much talent out there. Thanks for letting me know you are still visiting.



  3. Great work!


    • Hi Chris,

      Anything good happening? Have you started anything new? Are you planning on attending the conference?



  4. Kathy,
    I think you offer so much on your blog for writers and illustrators. I am recommending your blog to my students in my “Writing For Children” class at a local community college in Charlotte.


    • Carol,

      Thanks! It’s good to know that I am helping in some small way.



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