Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 21, 2011

Free Fall Friday

From Betsy Devany: 

I am in North Carolina now where the weather teases me, making me yearn for spring.  Back home there is still nearly two feet of snow on the ground, the threat of more snow on its way, and temperatures that hover in the low teens.

In Chapel Hill, pansies are blooming, and by mid-afternoon, I peel off my winter jacket, settle on a bench and unwind.

This is when I see the turkeys. They wander through the neighborhood as if going for their daily stroll during which they discuss life.

What if that really was the case? What would two turkeys talk about while out and about? 

You may also consider these questions while you study the photograph:

  1. Is your mc familiar with the turkeys?
  2. Is your mc visiting this house or does your mc live there?
  3. Is your mc one of the turkeys?
  4. Does your mc ignore the turkeys, chase them, watch them, or do something else?
  5. Where are the turkeys going?

Now write a one-page response to the picture starting with the following: _______ couldn’t believe _____ eyes . . .

I would love to hear what you come up with! Happy writing! Betsy

Good luck with coming up with a unique idea.

Talk tomorrow,


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