Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 14, 2011

Free Fall Friday

This has been a week of snow and more snow and perfecting the art of shoveling—which I clearly have no desire to perfect. However, it is, in this type of weather, a necessity. I would be perfectly fine staying indoors, spending my days writing, while hoping that the snow will simply melt away. But it doesn’t, and at some point, I have to rescue my car from beneath a snow bank, and then, get out of my very long driveway. Safely.

With the mounds and mounds of snow piled in my yard, I found myself taking a slew of pictures this week. Pictures of trees covered in snow, birds in the snow, squirrels covered in snow, icicles, and, of course, my car buried in the snow.

For this week’s prompt, I used one of these pictures. The photo is of my stone dragon lovingly referred to as “Snickle” by my four-year-old granddaughter.

After you have studied the picture, pick a character. (You may choose Snickle, if you would like.) Write a one-page response, starting with the following: ____ appeared through the snow as if_________

Questions to consider:

  1. How old is your mc?
  2. What are they doing outside in the snow?
  3. Have they seen the dragon before or is this new for them?
  4. Does seeing the dragon make them scared, curious, or cause them to laugh?
  5. Can the dragon speak?
  6. Is there more than one dragon?
  7. Does the dragon want to be uncovered?
  8. When your mc sees the dragon, do they want to clear all the snow off him or cover him back up?

Have fun! Happy writing! Betsy

Strange picture.  It will be interesting to read what you come up with. 

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Dear Kathy,

    Where can I get a stone dragon? I LOOOOOOOOVE dragons!!!!!!



    • Hi, Lee!
      This particular dragon was a gift from my husband, and came from our local garden store. I believe it is a Massarelli product. Quite heavy and very endearing.


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