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Registration for NJSCBWI Information

We have pulled together most of the important information for the NJSCBWI Annual June Conference.  Laurie is going to put up a .PDF of detailed information about the Intensives and Workshops when she gets up.  Please remember there are limits on some workshops and they will be assigned in the order that we receive your registration.  If the links below do not work, please check back later today.

View Faculty and links to forms: 

Registration form: 

Detailed conference info:

Please check this document, the answers to 99% of your questions are here.

Detailed Intensive and Workshop info:

Saturday we will have a book fair for published authors, but you must sign up to participate. 

Illustrators will be able to exhibit their artwork and portfolios and participate in a faculty judge contest, but again you must sign up to participate. 

The hotel has extended a special price of $90 for an over-night room.  As with any hotel there are only so many double rooms available, so sign up early if you plan on sharing a room with a colleague.  The hotel is sending us a link where you can sign up directly from our website, but I will not receive that until this coming week.  In the meantime you can call to reserve a room.  609-936-4200  Princeton Wyndham, Princeton, NJ,

Rub elbows with the editors and agents on Friday night at the Mix & Mingle. 

Sign up to be place in a critique group with other author attendees after dinner on Saturday night.  Please do not sign up for this, unless you intend to participate.  It is very upsetting to fellow members when they spend time working on your manuscript and then the person does not show up.  Thanks!

Friday Intensives

Craft and Art of Writing – Scott Treimel

Editing without an Editor – Eileen Robinson and Harold Underdown

Query Letters and Contracts – Mary Kole & Edward Necarslumer 

Voice, Plot and Dialogue – Eve Adler and Kristin Daly

Writing Biography – Fiction and Non-Fiction – Carolyn Yoder

Crafting Picture Books – Sudipta Bardham

In-depth Look at Characterization – YA/MG Novels  – MG/YA Authors

Writing Humor – Audrey Vernick & Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

Illustrator’s Day – Martha Rago & TBA


Grace Lin (Newbery Winner) – Keynote – Kick-off Saturday

David Caruba – State of the Marketing Report – Kickoff Sunday

Holly McGhee – Inspirational Speaker – LOCATING YOUR INNER GPS – Sunday’s close.

Pick a total of 12, circle top 8, star must haves – limit 3.

Editor and Agent – Workshops  – Limit 6 – only 4 circled choices

Talking Voice – Eve Adler

How To Use A Scene – Scott Treimel

Overview of Book Contracts – Agent Edward Necarslumer

Historical Fiction – Carolyn Yoder

Symbiotic Relationship between Author and Editor – Grace Lin and Alvina Ling

Submissions – Harold Underdown

Query Letter’s – Mary Kole

Pacing Your First Pages (Two Session Workshop-if chosen only circle 7 workshops) – Eileen Robinson

This 45 minute workshop will take place on Saturday.  Eileen will take the worked on First Page and critique overnight and discuss on Part II of her workshop on Sunday.  So this session will count as two.

Writing for Trade, School/Library, Book Clubs, Book Fairs, & Special Sales – Eileen Robinson

Three Sirens Talk About the Side Road to Success –Natalie Fischer, Natalie Zaman, Charlotte Bennardo

From Acquisitions to Bookshelf, the Inside Story on Picture Books – Audrey Vernick & Kristin Daly

Now That’s Just Wacky: The Art of Humor in Picture Book Writing – Steve Meltzer

From Manuscript to Published Illustrated Book – Martha Rago

This workshop will be open to writers, but it is presented from an illustrators point of view.

Agent Panel

First Page Session – See instructions in .PDF for how this session works and what you need to bring.  These spaces fill up fast.

Pitches – Plan early to mak sure you get an assigned spot.

General  – Workshops

Industry Basics – Anita Nolan

15 Things I Learned The Hard Way About Getting Published – Charlotte Bennardo

Child Development for Children’s Book Writers – Eileen Kennedy-Moore

Writing Good Non-Fiction – Wendy Pfeffer

Let Poetry Add Punch to Your Prose – Felicia Chernesky

Minding your Own Business: Marketing yourself and your books – Sudipta Bardham

The Business Side of School Visits – Sudipta Bardham

Making a Book Trailer – Kathy Temean

Picture Book Focused – Workshops  

PB Rules – Nancy Viau & Alison Formento

PB Share and Compare: 6 Steps to Success –  Picture book Author Panel

Historical Picture Books – Ann Malaspina

Perfect Picture Book Pacing – Sudipta Bardham

Rhyme and Rhythm – Tiffany Strelitz Haber and Irene Breznak

Workshops – Illustrator Focused

The Craft of Book Making – Lisa Falkenstern

Using Collage/Mixed Media Techniques In Book Illustration – Barb Eveleth

Picture Book Art in Today’s Market – Leeza Hernandez

Crafting a Pop-up Book – Tim Young 

Creative Branding for Illustrators – Leeza Hernandez

Workshops – CB, MG, and YA Focused

YA’s Little Sister (MG)– Audrey Vernick & Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

Finding The Funny Parts – Audrey Vernick & Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

Beginnings – Anita Nolan

In-depth Look at Synopsis – Anita Nolan

Steampunk 101 – Natalie Zaman

Co-Authoring a Book – Natalie Zaman and Charlotte Bennardo

Skeletons in the Closet – Developing characters – MG/YA Authors

Harold Underdown will be doing Consultations – Here is the information you need to know.

Harold will look at any material, from picture book to YA, either fiction or nonfiction.

Consultation: Manuscripts for consultations should be polished manuscripts, perhaps one already sent out to a publisher, which you believe have no significant writing problems. Harold will discuss “marketing” issues in his meeting with you: possible publishers and how to approach them. 

Talk tomorrow,



  1. What a spectacular lineup! Big thanks, Kathy, and to Laurie for your hard work.


  2. […] I’ve been given the subjects for my talks at the NJ SCBWI conference in June. For more information on the conference, see Kathy Temean’s website: […]


  3. Hi Kathy,

    Your line-up of workshops looks so interesting and valuable to a beginning writer like myself. Unfortunately I live out in Northern California, so it would be a bit more costly for me. Do you happen to know if there is any regional chapter out in the West Coast which offers a conference similar to the NJ one?
    I know the LA has a few 1-day conferences, but they don’t seem as intensive as the NJ one.



    • Darshana,

      Have you gone to the website and looked under the different chapters in CA to see what they have going? Of course, there is always the National Conference that is held in the summer. That is a great conference, too. You might want to check out how much it costs to fly to Newark or Philly airports. Sometime you can get a cheap flight. We have a lot of people who fly in from CA to attend.

      Good luck,


  4. Hi Kathy,
    I was wondering…is the only way to pay for the conference by check? You can’t pay with a credit card?


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