Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 29, 2010

Christmas Challenge Stories

On Christmas I asked if anyone could write a story about Santa not being able to do Christmas and Mrs. Claus having to take over. 

Here are three writers who stepped up to the plate.  I think they did a good job, don’t you?

First is Betsy Devany’s story.



‘Twas the night before Christmas and Santa was ill. 

He was sneezing and wheezing, refusing his pill.

The elves, in a panic, said, “what shall we do?’

One pointed at Mrs. Claus. “How about you?”

“Nonsense,” said Santa. “Her job is to bake.

Where’s my soup and my crackers? And how about cake!”

“Bake your own cake,” she said, “it’s 2010.

I can handle this job. It’s not only for men.

I can bake all the cookies, wrap all the gifts,

line up the reindeer, and manage the elves.

Multi-tasking is what, I, Mrs. Claus, can do best.

Now pass me my boots, help me slip on this vest.”

“But Mrs. Claus, Sweet-Pea, it’s my job, not yours.”

“Santa, stop griping, just open the door.”

After kissing his cheeks, Mrs. Claus led the way

to the stable of reindeer and one giant sleigh.

Taking her seat, she grabbed both red reins,

and then, with a twinkle, she called out their names.

“Now, Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen!

On, Comet! On Cupid! On, Donder and Blitzen!

Never mind with the rooftops, that’s not where we’ll land.

Sliding down chimneys isn’t part of my plan.”

So, up, up and away they soared through the sky

where Mrs. Claus learned she enjoyed to fly.

“I warned this would happen, the man should lay low,”

she mumbled to Rudolph and steered through the snow.

“Santa needs a long break, somewhere warm in the sun.

Together, just us. We deserve to have fun.

Children keep asking for more and more toys

when the world has enough for all girls and all boys.

Electronics and Kindles, it’s out of control.

If the elves can’t keep up, to the mall he might go.”

Then, through the clouds, the first house she did see.

“Now aim for the front yard, just past that large tree.”

With a poof the deer landed, unsure what to do.

They pawed with their hoofs, awaiting her cue.

“Children know Santa’s coming, I’m not going to hide.

Besides, it’s too cold out, let’s all go inside.”

With a rap, rap, rap, ding-dong, she woke everyone up.

And soon she was drinking hot tea from a cup.

In front of a fire, the reindeer got warm,

having lost their desire to fly in the storm.

“See these cookies you leave him, he’s getting too fat.

The man needs more fruit. And a large yoga mat.

At the North Pole, where we live, there are no gym clubs,

which is why my love, Santa, is as round as a tub.

 On the subject of gifts, I will leave you just one,

for you and your family. Enjoy the fun!”

Then, after she posed for a picture or two,

she blew them a kiss and bid them adieu.

The kids begged to open the gift that she’d left,

but the parents said “no,” still needing their rest.

From Asia to Europe, to Australia, too,

Mrs. Claus even made a quick trip to the zoo.

The children were baffled, some even upset.

One gift to share was all they would get?

With a “Hodie! Hodie! Hodie!” she shouted from above,

“What you’ll find in each box is a perfect white dove.”

Early Christmas morning, when all were awake,

the boxes were opened; the doves all escaped.

“Where?” said one child, looking up at the sky.

“Where did they go, and can you tell me why?”

This, I tell you, for those who wish to know

what happened to the doves that flew off in the snow.

At the very right moment, when you expect it the least,

the doves will fly over bringing much needed peace.

Betsy Devany 12/28/2010 – You might also like to read the letter one of her book characters wrote to Santa – very cute.   Posted Dec. 27th


Second is published author Dianne Ochiltree

‘Twas the night before Christmas             

and all through the house,

Mrs. Santa was busy

helping her spouse.

In the kitchen, she was stirring,

and slicing and chopping.

While on the counter, with laptop,

still Christmas gift-shopping.

“They’ll drop-ship to China,”

she called out to hubby

who was complaining

her cooking had made him TOO chubby.

She adjusted his waistband,

extended his suspenders,

saying ‘cookies for Santa’

were the real calorie-spenders.

Then, smiling, she told him,

while North Pole winds swirled,

“Factory toys are ready for pickup,

all over the world.

With workshop playthings,

your sleigh has been filled.

The lanterns are lit,

and the magic dust spilled. 

Each tiny reindeer is hitched and fed.

The elves got their snacks,

and are tucked into bed.

“My dear,” exclaimed Santa,

“you’ve made Christmas a snap.”

“My pleasure,” she sighed.

Now I need a nap!”

But she heard him exclaim,

as his shadow grew thinner,

“Did I tell you tomorrow

we’re hosting a dinner?”      

Dianne Ochiltree 12/27/2010


Third is from Claudia Broglio’s work-in-progress

It’s Christmas After All

By Claudia Broglio

Crazed Mrs. C. phoned all her friends, “Please help save Christmas Eve!  

Jack Frost just nipped my husband’s nose. There’s no way he can leave.”

“It’s nearly midnight, won’t you help?  We need a substitute–      

A man who’ll  man the reindeer sleigh and wear a Santa suit.”

But Father Time was running late, and Frosty had the flu.     

Lean Mr. Scrooge had caught a bug, and green Grinch whined, “I’m blue.”       

Sad Mrs. C. sat near the tree and wiped away a tear.

When in a flash a whirlwind passed, “Go find your wings my dear.”

The gust propelled her out the door and plopped her in the sleigh. 

It wrestled up the reindeer, “Now be gone and on your way!”    

Scared Mrs. C. clutched both the reins and yanked with all her might.

And then the team was airborne–charging through the blackened night.

“Whoa, easy does it!” Rudy yelled, but Mrs. C. shrugged, “How?

I’ll never get the hang of this. Please take me home right NOW!”     

But Rudy shook his head and plowed ahead through wind and snow

“We can’t go back. It’s up to us…so off to work we go!”

Hope you enjoyed reading their stories.  I hope to hear from you in the future.

Talk tomorrow,



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