Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Free Fall

Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Holidays!

With the final hours leading to Christmas, your baking, shopping, stressing, partying, and hours of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted will soon end, leaving you with time to, yes, write! (Well, once you have put away the decorations, recycled the wrapping paper, finished off the holiday cookies and pies, and taken a very long nap.) I, myself, am looking forward to a nap.

With that in mind, my last prompt for 2010 revolves around the man himself: Santa Claus. (For the story behind the photo, and why a little girl did not want to see Santa, go to my blog:

Now for this week’s prompt:

First, study the photo.

Next, you have two choices.

1. Write a one-page response, starting with the words: _______ peered up at_________   

2. Choose a character from one of your stories. Have that character write a one-page letter to Santa. (I have included an example on my blog, using one of my beloved characters.)

Questions to consider if you choose option 1:

  1. What does your mc think about this Santa?
  2. Is your mc frightened, amused, or simply curious?
  3. Do they believe in Santa?
  4. Do they want to engage him?
  5. Is your mc with their parents, siblings, or friends?
  6. Does Santa speak to your mc?
  7. Why has your mc come to this shopping village?
  8. How close to Christmas is it?

Questions to consider if you choose option 2:

  1. What does your mc want for Christmas?
  2. Does your mc even celebrate Christmas?
  3. Is your mc writing the letter in secret?
  4. Does your mc believe in Santa?
  5. Where is your mc when they write the letter?

Have fun!

Happy New Year!

Kathy will be doing next Friday’s prompt, but  will rfeturn in January an look forward to continuing with my Free Fall Friday prompts.  Best From Betsy!

Have a wonderful Christmas. 

Talk tomorrow,


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