Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 23, 2010

Use Photos On Your Blog and Articles

Some of you have told me how much you enjoy the artwork and photos on this blog, so I thought I would pass on some informtion on places where you can find images for your blog.  

One of the best ways to make your articles look appealing and to hold reader’s attention is to use images to illustrate your work.  But where do you find images that you can use without getting into copyright trouble? Below are just a few resources:

1. Take your own photos. Nothing personalizes a blog or article like photos of your own experiences. It’s best to use a digital camera.  You can use your cell, but the quality may not be as good.

2. istockphoto. This stock photo “warehouse” has millions of photos available at reasonable prices. Ten Web-sized images are $13 and there are discounts for buying larger quantities.

3. Dreamstime. Similar to istockphoto, but with fewer images in their database. Seven Web-sized images are $6.99, with discounts offered for larger quantities.

4. stock.xchng. A great source for blog images, stock.xchng calls itself the largest free stock photo site in the world. They currently have over 300,000 images.

5. Another stock photo source, CanStockphoto offers images for as low as $1.00.

6. No this isn’t a morbid site, “morgue” refers to the old newspaper term for the photo and clip archive. This site doesn’t have a huge number of images, but I can usually find some interesting ones here. Better yet, they are free.

7. Flickr. Flickr, the huge photo-sharing Web site, is a great resource for finding images to use for your blog. However, be careful when selecting them. Different photos have different rights available. Photos that say “all rights reserved” require the photographer’s permission to use. Others grant a variety of rights to users via Creative Commons license, some you can use for non-commercial blogs as long as you credit the photographer; others you can use on commercial blogs (including those with affiliate ads) with a credit line; still others allow you to crop the photo. Flickr makes it easy to find such images. Just go to the “advanced search” option and select the category of image you are seeking.

8. by Getty Images is the largest collection of royalty-free images offered by subscription on the web. For one low price you can download all the clipart, photos, fonts and sounds you need.

I hope this will get you thinking about how photos and art can help make your blog be more interesting.

Talk Tomorrow,



  1. Thanks, Kathy, for this post. I’ve often wondered about using images off the internet and this was very helpful. I saved it and posted it on Facebook. Thanks for sharing!


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