Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 17, 2010

Free Fall Friday

Study the photo of the balloon artist. Now choose one of your characters from a WIP. If your character is older, such as a teen, go back to when they were younger. Young enough to enjoy waiting in a long line to have a balloon artist make an animal of their choice.

Write one page starting with the words: ___ always wanted a _______

Questions to consider:

  1. Is this the first time your mc has seen a balloon artist?
  2. Are they tired from waiting in line?
  3. Would they prefer to leave, rather than wait in line?
  4. What kind of balloon do they want?
  5. Are they paying attention to what the other kids are saying in line?
  6. Who is your mc with?
  7. Do they know the balloon artist?
  8. Are they afraid to ask for what they want?

Now write a one-page response to the prompt. Have fun! And send us what you come up with! Kathy and I would love to read your work.

For the inspiration behind this prompt, go to:

We hope you are all enjoying this holiday season!

Talk tomorrow,


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