Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 11, 2010

Illustrator Saturday Special

I want to share with you some of the illustrators and the work they developed for the Illustrators Day in November. 

Here’s how it worked:  The Art Directors sent out the text from a couple of books to the illustrators, months before.  The illustrators had to pick out the text they wanted to use to create a double page spread and do a sketch.  This was sent to the AD for critique.  The AD’s reviewed and sent feedback to the illustrators, so they could revise and finish their spread for Illustrators’ Day.

It is interesting to can see how some of the illustrators picked the same text, but used their own style to come up with an original piece of art.

While we were having Illustrators Day, we were also having a Mentoring Workshop.  The illustrators displayed their work during the day, but at the end of the day, I had the illustrators introduce themselves and show their artwork to the editors and agents.  The editors and agents were very interested in what they saw and asked if I would put up the art along with the illustrator’s name and website, so they could see more of their work.  Now that it is up, I will e-mail all of the faculty to let them know it’s available.  I think this is a nice additional perk for attending.

Here’s the artwork created:

Bruce Arant  –  Featured:

Dolores Bartholomew – Featured:  Facebook:

Lynnor Bontigao

Elena Caravela   Featured:

Debra Cuneo

Lorraine Dey – Featured:

Barbara Eveleth  Featured:

Betsy Franco Feeney

Leeza Hernandez   Featured:

Tory Novikova   Featured:

Kathy Rupff   Featured:

Mike Scott  Featured:

Karen Stober

Penny Weber –  Featured:

Tim Young  Featured:

Marina Zindel –

The next Illustrator’s Day will be on June 3rd, the first day of the New Jersey Summer Conference.  I have participated in a previous Illustrator’s Day and I can truly say that it was an amazing experience.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Thanks, Kathy! It’s really neat to see all the pieces together like this! What talent! Thanks again!


  2. Thanks, Kathy!

    The art directors did such a great job!

    And thanks to Leeza for a wonderful job putting it all together.



  3. Thank you for including our work on your blog! It was a wonderful event – must definitely attend many more.


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