Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 5, 2010

Holiday Idea and Social Media Kudos

The holidays are upon us and a few people have asked if the NJSCBWI would sell gift certificates for future New Jersey events.  I know a lot of you are planning to attend the annual conference in June, so gift certificates are a good idea to help you get there. 

Please spread the word to the people know who send you a gift so they can help your writing by giving you a  New Jersey gift certificate.   Just tell them to contact Laurie Wallmark at  to let her know how much Santa should send.  Make checks out to the New Jersey SCBWI and mail your check to: New Jersey SCBWI * PO BOX 660 * Ringoes, NJ 08551.

I want to send out congratulations to Nanci Turner Steveson for being featured this month in Steve Harrison’s newsletter that focuses on helping authors sell more books.  Here is how it read:

Nanci Turner-Steveson  is taking another approach (talking about social media). She is using her blog and other social media tools to build a following before her first book is even published. A journalist who often covers horse shows and ran a riding school for many years, Steveson is writing a novel featuring a horse-loving preteen girl. She understands her audience and their passion for all things equine. So she decided to create a blog that would attract her target market (kids and tweens from 8 to 13) and keep them coming back.

Turner had a brainstorm when beginning her blog. Rather than writing a traditional, text-heavy blog, she realized that “kids want to see themselves with their ponies on the Internet.” So she put out a request to her Facebook friends and asked them to send photos of their kids with a favorite pony or horse. She printed some business cards and passed them out at horse shows to drive more traffic to her site.

Steveson says she’s getting “a lot of hits” each time she posts a new photo on her Facebook page and blog. She’s planning to create a weekly e-newsletter featuring the latest photos, and will encourage her subscribers to forward it to their family and friends. Steveson is already achieving her primary goals: to increase her visibility among children who love horses and to make connections with her future readers.

If you have an interest in horses, you should check out Nancy’s blog: 

Even if you don’t, you should visit just to see the photos.  They are really beautiful.  She almost makes me want to find a place in my work-in-progress for a pony.  Nanci also does a lot of work for The Literacy for Hope Holiday Project. You can check it out  at  and donate a book for the homeless.  Congratulations Nanci.  Keep up the good work, writing and networking.

Talk Tomorrow,


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