Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 30, 2010

Write While Writing Your Book

From time to time, I pass on information about places to submit other than the children’s book industry.  I figure we are writers and being a children’s writer only helps make us more creative.  Even though most of us are working on a novel or picture book, we could use our talent to write an article to make some extra money.  Southern Living is a magazine you might want to submit an article to for consideration in their magazine. 


The Livings are a series of “insider’s guides” for specific Southern states within the pages of Southern Living.  A Living section is delivered to subscribers in the state in which they live (i.e. subscribers with Georgia zip codes receive Georgia Living).  Living sections to not cross state borders in delivery or content. Their goal is to provide entertaining and service-oriented stories which inform readers about aspects of their state that surprise, delight, and enrich.  Each Living section contains stories based on designated franchises (themes); not all franchises run in every individual issue of a Living in a given month. We aim to provide a selection of the themed stories over the annual run of each section.

THINK: fresh, young, surprising, wow, relevant, visual, who-knew, Southern [or better, your specific state], energetic.

Alabama–February, May October
Florida–January, April, November
Georgia–February, April, June, August, October, December
Mid-Atlantic*–March, May, December
North Carolina–March, June, September, November
South Carolina–March, May, September
Tennessee–February, May, August, November
Texas–February, April, June, November
* Mid-Atlantic includes DC, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware

OUR FRANCHISES (please match pitches to the following):

The Best xx in (state): Examples: Best Breakfasts, Best Cocktails, etc. Multiple locations throughout state are desired. This franchise is generally a lede due to its scope…2-3 pages.

Worth the Trip: An out-of-the-way location nevertheless worth the effort.

Day Trip: A 24-hour (or daytime) itinerary; a road trip of  sorts with to-do along the way plus at destination.

Insider’s Guide To..: (vineyard, a garden, a neighborhood, an entity of interest). Local is knowledgeable and authoritative, giving info average  reader won’t know.

Expert’s Guide To..: One famous (or not) expert picks the best of his/her subject. An overview from one who knows the subject well and shines a light on  examples. (Sara Evans picks top music venues in AL, well-known/respected  artist picks best examples of art in state).

Behind the  Scenes With: A behind-the-veil at a Southern icon. Think big and well-known. Q&A format.

Uniquely  (state): What was actually invented, originated, or only  exists in that one state–and no other! Example: Ruby Red Grapefruit developed  by scientist in Texas. Gatorade, on the other hand, is a Florida invention–but  too well known. Needs surprise.

Only In (state): Not an  invention, as above, but some thing, event, phenomenon that happens Only In  that state.

Opening This  Month (or New to xxx, if the “opening” is on an off-month for that Living schedule): Newsey. New museum? New restaurant? Very  fresh and of-the-moment.

(State’s) Next Big Thing: An up-and-coming musician or author, new restaurant doing something singular, new sort of food or drink.

My Secret  To..: One secret, one nugget of info, then supporting copy.  The secret to Boudro’s guacamole on the Riverwalk? Orange juice, not lime  juice. The secret to the perfect bouquet in Charleston? Using lowly, cast-off  plants to embellish.

Roadside  Attraction: It’s not necessarily a destination (though could be)  as you ride through the state. Good enough to stop and explore. Speaks to the  state’s personality.

What Every (Georgian,  Floridian, etc) Should Know About..:
Pick a subject and explore it  with your reader, informing and surprising. Desired response: who  knew?

Local Flavor: Can be food-related, but not  necessarily. Subject of story gives true feel and flavor of the state. 

Handmade in ______: Product-driven..but product  should relate to the state in question, not just be a “something” randomly  produced there..pitch any ideas and we’ll sort out! 

Email to
Please include the specific state(s) your pitch addresses in subject line.

Of course, life sometimes gets in the way of all these good ideas of additional things to do, but maybe someone reading this will be able to squeeze this idea into their busy schedule.  Heck, you can even e-mail a pitch before writing to make sure they have some interest.  Good luck!

Talk tomorrow,


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