Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 19, 2010

Free Fall Friday

Betsy took the photo for this week’s prompt in the Adirondacks. She says, “Something compelled me to shoot the hotel from this angle, and I hope you find it inspiring.

“Now study the photo. Next, choose music of your choice to listen to. Close your eyes. See the photo in your head, and let the music play for three to five minutes.

Once the music ends, start writing.” Write one page, starting with the following words: At the top of ________

To read about the writing retreat I attended last weekend (where the photo was taken), go to: /

Here are questions to consider:

  1. Is your mc inside or outside?
  2. How does your mc feel about the building?
  3. Is the structure a hotel or a private home?
  4. What season is it?
  5. Is it day or night?
  6. Is the tree symbolic, or even a part of the story?
  7. What does your mc want?

Ready or not, take the plunge. Write! And remember, enjoy the process.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. hi
    I played sadness by enigma part one and looked deep, then It reminded me of a horror film about a possessed house.
    I dont think that is what it is ment to say to me but this is what it does.
    kind Regards


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