Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 12, 2010

Free Fall Friday

Welcome to Free Fall Fridays, where you write a one-page response to a written and visual prompt. Thank you again to all who have shared their work, as well as their thoughts on the process of writing to prompts.

Here is the prompt for week #4.

Study the photo of the tree. Next, choose one of two ways to respond.

1. Write one page, starting with the words: The tree was much taller than ______

2. Write one page in which you put one of your characters into this tree. Preferably a character you are struggling with. Throw rocks at them to see how they respond. For the story behind this particular photograph and prompt visit my blog.

If you choose to not use one of your characters, some questions to consider are:

  1. Is the tree symbolic for your mc?
  2. Does your mc want something from the tree?
  3. Will they climb the tree?
  4. Do they use the tree to hide from someone or something?
  5. Does someone want to chop down the tree?
  6. Where is the tree?
  7. What is at the base of the tree?
  8. Are there any animals in the tree? Or people?

Good luck and enjoy the process of letting your words free fall onto the page!

Talk tomorrow,


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