Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 5, 2010

Free Fall Friday – Writing Prompt

Even if you don’t have time to write a whole novel in November with NaNo WriMo, you can take 20 minutes to write a first page with the prompt that Betsy Devany has provided.  Here’s Betsy:


Children love humor, and even serious stories need places where the young reader can take a breath, and hopefully laugh.

Laughing is therapeutic, both for your mind and body. When you read your own writing, watch for places where humor can be injected into the scene.

This week Kathy had a blog post on humor and how it can be used in almost all aspects of writing. and how to use it in your own writing. .

That said, this past week I revisited a middle grade WIP. While revamping the humorous elements, I spent much of my writing time laughing. To enjoy the process of writing is pure joy. I hope you enjoy the challenge of this week’s prompt, where you have the opportunity to write humor, if you feel so inclined.

Week # 3 – For this week’s prompt study the photo of the bird and then write a one page response starting with the words:

______ stared at ________ Also, use at least two funny sounds or words.

For questions to ask before responding to this week’s prompt or to comment on this week’s prompt, go to my blog –

Kathy and I hope you have fun with this! We look forward to reading your responses or thoughts! To read one person’s response to the crow picture prompt from last week, go to

Talk tomorrow,


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