Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 31, 2010

Writers/Illustrators – Freelance Jobs Online

While you are writing that novel trying to sell your first or next book, you can use your talents to earn money using your skills.  Freelancing provides a wonderful opportunity to allow you to work from home and give you the flexibility to work for hire part-time.

Here are some of the jobs you could think about trying:

Freelancing as an author is without doubt one of the most typical ways one can earn a living online. With millions of websites online and more cropping up each day, there may be always a necessity for fresh content. If one has quality writing abilities, they will be capable to own a profitable freelance job as a writer.

Online freelance editors are also in demand. Just as there is a huge need for writers, there are corporations that require such expertise to assist in managing online information. It’s the freelance editors job to verify the articles are not only searchable, but clear and concise.

Freelance copyeditors.  Wherever there are written articles, reports or text, you will find a someone in need of a copy editor.

One also can freelance as an artist. There are some huge cash-making on-line career opportunities accessible to the freelancer. Any freelance worker should provide great work, on time and with an excessive amount of professionalism.  This will help you to get repeat jobs and referrals.

Graphic designers are in demand on-line, and the beauty of that is that you could select to work full time or part time in this exciting field. Many buyers look to freelance graphic designers for the designs they need. You will need expert capabilities to make a living as a graphic designer.

Photographers can also discover money-making freelance opportunities online. You’ll have to start out small and won’t make a fortune at first, however continue working diligently and put in the time.

What I am trying to say is think out of the box.  There are other things you can do with the skills you have developed as a writer or illustrator to make money, while you are on the path to getting published.

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  1. Great info. I found something called “The Examiner,” which pays you to write articles. You can search for any topic you like. Not sure how much they pay, but they do pay. They give examples of articles they’re looking for. I’m interested in writing about sports. They actually posted the opportunity to write about the sports program at the college I just graduated from! I’m considering it.

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  2. Thanks for the info, Kathy. FYI, I entered a prompt contest on Suzie Townsend’s blog and came in second! The agents voted me best YA voice. Agent blog contests are a great way to showcase our writing and get a boost while we finish our novels. Take care!

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