Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 30, 2010

Illustrator Saturday – Laura Brown

Laura says, “I have always loved to make art. That same spirit that moved me to render Humpty Dumpty  in crayon on a white cupboard when I was two years old moves me today.  Now, instead of crayons it is  with watercolor and oil paint that I try to communicate what inspires me.

“I went to The School of Visual Arts for both my BFA and later my Teaching Certification. I have taught in  public schools in NYC and New Jersey . I continue to teach art only not in the public schools anymore. 

“I have worked in many ways a s a visual artist. I have done murals and faux painting, I have worked on house portraits for a real estate while still in school. I have done commissioned work as well as book illustrations.  I still exhibit and do portrait work on commission.  I have always been drawn to children’s books. I have learned a lot from various workshops and classes. The conferences have taught me the most. My illustrations have been in magazines, and I hope to do more.  

“I seem to be drawn to the narrative. I love to draw and sometimes and content with the line drawing as a finished piece. I also love to celebrate text with rich color balancing bold compositions.  It is as though I tell a little story in each composition. It is my sincere wish that the viewer is drawn closer to the story through when viewing my illustrations.”

Sketch to Finish Piece

Double Page Spread Sketch to Finish Piece.  The story is of a very poor little girl and her dad in China.  The little girl finds a silver buckle in the center of a squash. This will prove to change their lives!

Simple Simon

Wee Willie Wonka

Winter Issue Cover of Sprouts Magazine

Laura says, “Sometimes the sketches work out better in color. These are sketches for a series of Old fashioned children’s stories. Here are two versions of Jack Sprat.”

Below are sketches from what Laura is working on now.

I love the hand on the shoulder, the bird nesting in the hair, and of course, the little mouse on the shoulder.

I love the facial features and how well, Laura reproducted the characters on the different pages.

If you want to see more or get in touch with Laura Brown, here is her information.  Hope you enjoyed your time viewing Laura’s artwork.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Beautiful work, Laura! I’d have to say the little girl with the butterfly on her shoulder is my favorite 🙂 And I recognized the elephants immediately as one of the covers for Sprouts! Thanks for sharing.


    • Thank you for your kind words!! They are encouraging!


  2. Great work! I really like the elephant picture!


    • Thank you for your compliment!! I appreciate it!


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