Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 14, 2010

Sydney Taylor Manuscript Awards


The Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award was established by Sydney’s husband Ralph Taylor to encourage aspiring authors of Jewish children’s books. It was first awarded in 1985.

A cash award of $1,000 will be given for the best fiction manuscript appropriate for readers ages 8-11, written by an unpublished author. The book must be a work of fiction in English, with universal appeal of Jewish content for readers aged 8 to 11 years, both Jewish and non-Jewish. It should reveal positive aspects of Jewish life. Short stories are not acceptable.

While AJL cannot guarantee publication, the $1000 prize money has been an incentive for writers with varying experience to try their hands writing for this genre. The award carries prestige in the publishing world and several Sydney Taylor Manuscripts have subsequently been published.

Authors desiring to apply for The Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award should read the full rules and complete the application and release form.

Aileen Grossberg
204 Park Street
Montclair, NJ 07042-2903

The deadline for submission of manuscripts is December 15.

Interested writers should download the rules and application/release forms from this website. Questions can be referred to the Sydney Taylor Manuscript Competition coordinator, Aileen Grossberg or send a stamped self-addressed #10 envelope to Aileen Grossberg at the address above.


Now I know there are some of you who could submit something for this contest.  Heck, I have seen your manuscripts.  Now is the time to step up to the plate and put it out there.  Good luck!

Talk tomorrow,


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