Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 9, 2010

Illustrator Saturday – Tim Young

Timothy Young has been a toy designer, illustrator, sculptor, puppetmaker, a graphic designer and pop-up engineer of I’m Looking For A Monster! His work has been seen on television, in major magazines and on toy shelves worldwide. He majored in illustration at Pratt Institute and has over 25 years experience as a professional artist. He even created an iPhone App Creatures & Characters Mix-Em-Ups.  His illustrations have been seen internationally, including the covers of Popular Science and Golf Digest. 

His first book was published by Random House. Although he’s wanted to create books for a long time, he never thought his first book would be a pop-up. Tim looks forward to putting out many more books in the coming years, and just recently signed with the Herman Agency. They are currently showing new pop-up and picture books to publishers.

Tim in my studio with some of the toys he designed on his shelves.

When I first presented “I’m Looking For A Monster!”, it was a straight picture book. This was the spread for “I want a Scary Monster…”

And this is the sketch for the next page, “But Not That Scary!”
These are the thumbnails, converting the spreads into pop-up page ideas.
And this is the final pop-up spread.
Here is the illustration of the wrap-around cover.
This is a spread from “They’re Coming!” using a similar silhouette style, but with a deeper background.
My Agent, Ronnie Herman, has advised me to work in a looser style. I now scan my sketches without clean-up or inking directly into Photoshop and use the rough line quality in the finished piece.
“Shadows On My Wall” combines the silhouette characters as shadows with a looser, more traditional style in the foreground.
This is my pencil for a book called “The Day Goes On Forever” I work in blue Prismacolor pencil on rough paper to get the line quality I like. 
This is a final rendering in Photoshop.
This is another spread from “The Day Goes On Forever”
This is a sketch for a page from “Don’t Open The Box, Benny!”
Another page from the same book, but closer to finish. As the book is about a boy and a box, I’m using a corrugated box texture in the background.
Hope you enjoyed visiting with Time and his artwork.  You can see more by going to his website

Tim will be conducting a “How to” workshop on making pop-up books at the New Jersey June Conference in 2011.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Tim, this is VERY cool stuff! What a talent! You know, every time I hear “Pratt Institute” I wonder what might’ve been. I had the opportunity to go, but at 17 I knew I lacked the commitment and didn’t want to waste my parents’ money. It’s such an outstanding school, and it’s obvious you didn’t waste YOUR education! How wonderful! And thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Oh, and btw, I loved the corrugated background. How clever!


  2. Hey, Tim! I know you already know I think you’re awesome, but I’ll say it again (on mountain, with megaphone): “Tim is AWESOME!” And congrats for signing with Ronnie–she’s awesome, too! Way to go!


  3. Adorable work!


  4. Wow! What a talent! It’s so interesting to see the illustration process.


  5. Wow! As someone who cannot draw at all, I live in awe of illustrators! What cool stuff. I, too, love the cardboard!


  6. Great stuff, Tim — and glad you’ll be doing a work shop for the upcoming conference! Happy to see that you are also with the Herman Agency!! 🙂


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