Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 8, 2010

Cricket Magazine Group Looking for Writers and Illustrators

Cricket Magazine Group and Cobblestone Publishing are looking for writers of every level of experience!  The “bug ” line (LADYBUG, CRICKET, SPIDER, BABYBUG, and CICADA) accepts unsolicited manuscripts.

The history and cultures group (COBBLESTONE, ODYSSEY, FACES, CALLIOPE, DIG, and APPLESEEDS) selects articles by detailed query letter.

They are also interested in illustrator submissions.

The science and ideas titles (CLICK, ASK, and MUSE) seek writers with subject expertise and request a resume and several writing samples. 

BABYBUG magazine for babies and toddlers

LADYBUG magazine for very young children ages 3-6

SPIDER magazine for young children ages 6-9

CRICKET magazine for children for ages 9-14

CICADA magazine for teens ages 14 and up

CLICK magazine for very young children ages 3-6

ASK magazine for young children ages 6-9

MUSE magazine for children ages 9-14

APPLESEEDS magazine for children ages 6-9 features general social studies

CALLIOPE magazine for children ages 9-14 explores world history

COBBLESTONE magazine for children ages 9-14 is all about American history

DIG magazine for children ages 9-14 presents the latest in archaeology

FACES magazine for children ages 9-14 introduces world cultures and geography

ODYSSEY magazine for children ages 9-14 is full of adventures in science

For details, please visit  Join the Facebook pages for updates: and

If you haven’t thought about it, submitting to magazines is a good way to get some publishing credits under you belt.  I probably should mention that the Cricket Magazine Group has been slow to pay during the reccession, but I do not know anyone who hasn’t eventually gotten their money.  If you have written for them in the last few years, please weigh in.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Kathy, this was great! Thank you for including all the links to each imprint’s submission guideline page. I thoroughly enjoyed that we are able to view an entire issue of each magazine, rather than have to order samples. How WONderful!


  2. Hello writer and illustrator friends — good luck to all if you submit. (Great post, Kathy) I met Lou Waryncia, the editorial director of the Cobblestone magazine group when I attended the Highlights workshop in Chautauqua. He is SO nice and I pitched an idea to him back in 2006 that ended up being an ongoing monthly feature in FACES called “Dear Tommy” that I’ve been doing for 4 years now. I just received my monthly deadlines from the editor for 2011 also. They are all great to work with and the magazines are a very high quality. I also sold an article to AppleSeeds. Looking forward to hearing success stories from some of you!


  3. Great post, Kathy –
    Thanks for all the links from me, too! Something I really do need to look into.


  4. More great info. I’ve joined a local writing group and will be sure and pass this on to them! Thank you so much.


  5. Hi!

    I just want to say that the Cricket Magazine Group is an excellent place to send your work. I’ve never submitted to their nonfiction side, but they have published my stories and illustrations in the bug magazines for many years. Sometimes payment has been slow, but it always comes through. Good luck to anyone who submits to them!


    • This is really good to know, Sheila. Thank you 🙂


    • Sheila – Kathy’s post seemed to be sayng that it took years to get paid for articles. Is this what you have experieded. I have no idea how to get started. do I just go the categories below? Thanks for your help – I appreciate it!


      • Pamlie Gale,

        That is exactly what I am saying.




  6. Hi, I don’t want to look stupid but I write blogs about cricket and I would be over the moon if they would publish one. So how does this work :).


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