Posted by: Kathy Temean | September 22, 2010

Pelican Books Seeks Southern Slant

Publisher Seeks Books with Southern Slant or Unique Hook

Pelican Publishing Company publishes general adult books and children’s books. For their children’s line, Pelican is looking for fiction and nonfiction, from picture books through middle grade, that have a Southern or Southwestern regional slant, or a clear hook that helps the book stand out.

Sample titles include:

Alligator Tales by Miles Smeeton (alligator poems for ages 6-10); Grandma’s Gumbo by Deborah Ousley Kadair (picture book); Best Horse on the Force by Sherry Garland (middle grade adventure); Confederate Coloring and Learning Book by Gary C. Walker (activities, ages 6-10); Jim Thorpe: The Legend Remembered by Rosemary K. Updyke (biography, ages 10-13).

Picture books (ages 5-8, 32 illustrated pages when published) cannot exceed 1,100 words. Proposed books for middle readers (ages 8 and up) should be at least 25,000 words. For more titles, go to

All submissions should be in the form of a query letter only. No unsolicited manuscripts are accepted.  Pelican requires exclusive submissions on queries. The book’s title must be clearly stated at the top of the query letter or in the first sentence. The letter should then discuss the following: the book’s content, its anticipated length (in double-spaced pages or in words), its intended audience, the author’s writing and professional background, and any promotional ideas and contacts the author may have.

If the author has previously been published by another firm, please specify why a change is being sought. A formal synopsis, chapter outline, and/or one or two sample chapters may be sent with a query letter, but these are not required. If necessary, picture book manuscripts may be sent in their entirety. Responds to queries in about one month. If a full manuscript is requested, Pelican asks for exclusive submission for 12 weeks. Send queries by mail only with SASE to:

Pelican Publishing Company
Editorial Department
1000 Burmaster St.
Gretna, LA 70053.

Pelican Publishing Company has been in operation since 1926. The New Orleans area based company publishes general trade and children’s books. With a backlist of more than 2,000 titles, Pelican produces art and architecture books, travel guides, holiday books, local and international cookbooks, motivational and inspirational works, business titles, children’s books, and a growing number of social commentary and history titles.

Illustrators You should consider sending them some samples of your art.  Good Luck!

Talk Tomorrow,


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