Posted by: Kathy Temean | September 12, 2010

Picture Book Session – November 13th

Picture Book Writers and Illustrators please note on November 13th in Princeton New Jersey you have a chance to Add BANG! to your picture book!
Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to spend an afternoon rollin’ your sleeves up and digging into stories for children.
Attendees bring a current manuscript, storyboard, and/or dummy to work on during this hands-on, multiple exercise class which offers you the chance to check in on your:
• Word count: Learn how to make EVERY word literally count
• Page turners: Learn how to create suspense, tension and surprises
• Pacing and flow: Learn how to engage your reader cover to cover
• Motivation: Learn some simple techniques to keep yourself going
PLUS: Break the rules: Sometimes you just gotta get out of the mold to make an impact!
AND: A bonus creative interlude to really get those juices flowing!
Brings paper, pens, coloring pencils and be prepared to have some fun during this intense — and musical — workshop. 

And you won’t even break a sweat!

Everyone is welcome.  The cost for SCBWI members attending the Mentoring Workshop the following day is only $30.  If you are a member and just want to come for Craft Day, the cost is $60

Add $30 to stay for dinner.  If you aren’t a member then you will need to add an additional $25 to the cost.

The Hyatt has given us a reduced rate for anyone wanting to spend the night.  

For more details Click Here 

Leeza is a published writer and illustrator.  The NJSCBWI Illustrator Coordinator and the Creative Art Director of Sprouts Magazine. 

Hope to see you.  Now is the perfect time to work on your craft.  Remember we are also having a novel writing workshop taking place at the same time.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. This is such salivating stuff, Kathy. I can’t come this time, but I hope that’ll change in the future!


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