Posted by: Kathy Temean | August 25, 2010

NO Fee Writing Contests

Literary Laundry is accepting submissions to their next contest and issue.  They do not charge an entry fee. 

Each issue of Literary Laundry is accompanied by a writing competition. All pieces submitted to us for review will be entered into consideration for our Awards of Distinction. We offer the following cash awards:

$500 for best poem
$500 for best short story
$250 for best one-act drama

They are also looking to add to their editorial board.  Check them out and submit.  Click for guidelines –

DON”T FORGET  MY CONTEST.  It ends on Aug. 30th.

Here is the first line to use to help prompt the rest of your story: 

_______ always wanted to ______, but _____ never expected _______.

To enter, please e-mail .   I am only looking for a first page.  The submission should be double spaced with one inch margins.

Deadline is Aug. 30th.

I will pick the top three and then get two editors to pick the winner.  I will post the winning entry on this blog and the winner will have a choice of an autographed Richard Peck Book, an issue of Sprouts Magazine or a $10 off coupon for a New Jersey SCBWI event (First Page Sessions, not included with this coupon).

Look forward to seeing what you come up with.  Good Luck!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Kathy, quick question on your “first page” contest:

    Since I never attended a First Page workshop, and you may be doing it differently anyway, aside from the double-spaced, 1″ margin, should we include our full name in the header? If so—left or right? And do we need to come up with a working title?

    I’ll email you on this too 🙂


    • Donna, No name, just title and genre. Are you coming to the First Page Session? I didn’t put up the thing you send from Borders, because when I signed up they didn’t send the coupon to me that you received and the one you sent me is only for you.

      Kathy (Sharing Children’s Writing and Illustrating Information)


      • Nope, Kathy—no First Page Session for me 😦 This was just in reference to your contest 🙂

        It’s a shame they wouldn’t offer the discount to a new member, but I ended up using the one for Barnes since it was 40% off on all three books. I now own “The Hunger Game” trilogy in hardcover, but have only read the first couple of chapters, and that was a few months ago! lol Now they’ll be tugging for my attention, but I’m in the middle of several other things *sigh* I’m sorry, but I would like a separate lifetime designated solely for reading and writing AND a wonderful library/office workspace to do it in 🙂 Now tell me—is that asking too much? 😉


      • Donna, Oh, in that case you do put your name at the top left hand side. Must have been reading too fast.

        Kathy (Sharing Children’s Writing and Illustrating Information)


  2. Thanks, Kathy 🙂 So then it’s the name on the left–got it! And do we still include a title and the genre? on the right? Sorry to be so ignorant, but I want to be sure the format is correct for you, my dear 🙂 Thanks!


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