Posted by: Kathy Temean | August 14, 2010

Illustrator Saturday – Sladjana Vasic

Sladjana was born in Yugoslavia 1973. Here is what she sent me:

We moved a few times before my art high school.  1992 year was my high school graduation year and beginning of the civil war in Sarajevo, BiH, Yugoslavia. We become refugees and with all that confusion I didn’t have all I needed to apply for Art University. So, instead of that I went to the teacher college with the idea to use my creativity in work with children .I start working in the day care for children age 3 – 7. That was a great experience  for me .Few years later publisher  “ Zavod za udjbenike”  offered me to illustrate school  books on  Rusin language ( I am bilingual, rusin is one and serbian is other language) .First one  is published in 1999 and other in 2000 year.Then I get married and had a child so ,drawing  and illustrating somehow become more of a hobby then a profession .

Working with children gave me opportunity to try myself in making toys ,sets for children plays, murals. After 12 years of work at day care , getting married and having a daughter we come here to NJ , USA. Here I started to draw again with support of my family and Mrs. Janet  Wong. In addition to everything else she did for me ,she sent me a link to NJSCBWI logo contest. Attending a NJSCBWI conference was new and excited experience. 

If you attended the NJSCBWI conference in June, you will remember that Sladjana won the award for this year’s logo contest. 

Now I’m working  on a few picture books .One of them is “ Luna goes to the mall” –about a playful and happy octopus .She like chocolate chip cookies and jumping on the bed .But her favorite thing to do is –going to the mall. I am still searching  for the best background solution  and environment for her. 

I tried to make Luna the octopus to be a real girl to see  how she would look like and that become another story : “ MY beautiful girl” with similar content but her favorite thing is going to the playground and she has a cat named zoee to make her company in her adventures .  


“ She Can “ is working title formy picture book for a woman  and about the woman. She can be a mom and make a snowman or find a rainbow and it should be all about other great things woman can do .

I love to draw with a roller pen and then I will make it in pencil so I can move to coloring .But with “She Can “ I tried to use only computer to color the drawings . It is much easier to change a color and play with a palette .

Some of old ones and some new illustrations I have on my online portfolio :

or at my blog :


  1. Great illustrations. They are so playful and alive.


  2. Sladjana, these are absolutely beautiful and adorable illustrations! I love the colors, the perspectives, the content, the emotion. Just wonderful!


  3. It is a wonderful work. Ilustrating is art


    • Judith,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I think everyone is enjoying Illustrator’s Saturday.



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