Posted by: Kathy Temean | August 9, 2010

Last Week Networking Dinners

Last Tuesday we had dinner with Agent Mary Kole from Andrea Brown Literary, Agent Susan Hawk from the Bent Agency, Connie Hsu and Kate Sullivan from Little, Brown and Company.  A week ago I reported that both Kate and Connie had been promoted to Associate Editors, but what I didn’t know is Kate has moved from the Poppy Imprint side to the Little, Brown side.  Connie who only was editing middle grade and young adult is now editing picture books and chapter books in addition to MG/YA.  Also, she is very interested in graphic novels and books where illustrations could be incorporated throughout the text.  She was very excited about their new book , The Adventures of Nanny Piggins by R.A. Spratt.

When stingy Mr. Green planted a Nanny Wanted sign on his front lawn for his three children, he had no idea his ad would be answered by a pig. Yes, a pig. A fabulously sassy and impeccably dressed pig as a matter of fact! With her insatiable urge to eat chocolate (and feed chocolate to everyone she loves), her high-flying spirit, and her unending sense of fun, Nanny Piggins takes Derrick, Samantha, and Michael on a year of surprises, yummy treats, and adventures they’ll never forget.

Paired with Dan Santat’s charming illustrations, comedian and children’s TV writer R.A. Spratt’s wildly funny debut novel will have adults and kids alike laughing and rooting for the feisty porcine nanny and her three lovable human charges.

Then on Wednesday we had dinner with Agent Sean McCarthy from Sheldon Fogelman Agency, Assistant Editor, Heather Alexander from dial, Agent Scott Treimel and Executive Editor, Regina Griffin from Egmont USA.  Regina brought three books from her new fall catalog, The Invisible Order by Paul Crilley to be released Spetember 28th, The Jaquar Stones – Book One- Middleworld by J&P Voelkel and Vordak the Incomprehensible: How to Grow Up and Rule the World by Scott Seegert           

We had a lot of fun with the book, figuring out a dastardly name for each of us.  So slip on your acid-free gloves, make sure you have a duplicate copy of How to Grow Up and Rule the World (just in case something should happen to this one) and try to follow along as the incomparable, superior-in-all-ways Vordak the Incomprehensible teaches you a thing or two about villainy.  Now you, too, can try (and fail) to attain Vordak’s level of infamy.  Coming out on Aug. 24th.

PLEASE NOTE: We have one spot available for the Writer’s Retreat.  Here is the info, please contact me if you want the space.


            Jessica Dandino Garrison, Editor, Dial Books for Young Readers

            Kristin Daly, Editor at Balzer and Bray

Date:  October 1-3, 2010

Check in: 3pm Friday afternoon

            Anita Nolan will join us on Friday at 3:30 pm to do a writing lesson and writing          exercise on story “Beginnings.”

            David Caruba is joining us at 5:00 pm to do an updated State of the Market Report   for us over cocktails.

Retreat Costs:  All costs include two breakfast, two lunches, Saturday night dinner, 45 minute one-on-one critique, 45 minute group critique, first page session, Q&A with editors, writing contest, and other sessions TBA, such as motivational ideas, query talk, rejection letters.  Possible early workshop on Friday, according to how many people want or can come in at 3:00pm.  That will be decided with the group in mind.

If you chose to go to dinner on Friday night with the editors, then please figure on paying an additional $25+ according to what you order for Friday dinner – everyone will pay for their own dinner.  It looks like we will go to P.F. Chang’s on Friday  night.

$345 Retreat with No overnight room

$398 Retreat with Saturday night shared room

$455 Retreat with Saturday night single room

$455  Retreat with Friday night and Saturday night shared room

$560  Retreat with Friday night and Saturday night single room

Wine and cheese in Presidential Suite at 5:00 pm on Friday night.  Suite will be stocked with water, soda, coffee, tea, crackers, chips, cookies, juice, wine during the weekend.  Party on Saturday night.

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