Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 18, 2010

Children’s Writers and Illustrators November Events


PLACE:  Princeton Theological Seminary – MacKay Private Dining Room

Faculty:  Joe Monti, Agent at Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency 

               Shauna Fay, Assistant Editor at Putnam 

Time:  4:00 pm – 6:30 pm followed by optional dinner with Joe Monti and Shauna Fay 

Cost:  $25 for Members add $25 to stay for dinner.  

               $40 for Non-member, plus additional $35 to stay for dinner with faculty. 

NOVEMBER 13TH & 14TH WRITER’S WEEKEND (See description below) 

Place:  Princeton Hyatt Regency Hotel (Both Days)
Times:  2:00 pm – Dinner from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm on November 13th 
November 13th Faculty: 
                   Anita Nolan, Executive Editor, Sprouts Magazine 

                   Leeza Hernandez, Author/Illustrator & Creative Art Director,  Sprouts Magazine  

Times:  November 14th – Registration and Continential Breakast starts

                   8:15 am – Workshop ends at 5:00 pm. 

November 14th Faculty: 

                      Karen Chaplin, Editor at Puffin                      

                      Krista Marino, Executive Editor at Random House 

                      Allison Wortche, Editor at Knopf 

                      Emily Van Beek, Agent at Folio Literary Management

Cost for November 13th Writing Craft Day:  $60 for anyone attending November 14th Workshop, includes dinner on Saturday night. 
Cost for November 13th Writing Craft Day:  $30 for anyone attending November 14th Workshop without dinner.   
Cost for November 13th Writing Craft Day :  $90 with dinner or $60 without dinner for anyone NOT attending the following day (November 14th) Mentoring Workshop or Illustrator’s Day.  
Cost:  Non-members add $25 to the above cost. 
Cost:  $215 for members  $250 for Non-members – includes breakfast and lunch, one-on-one critique, group critique Q & A and First Page Session for Mentoring Workshop. 

Cost:  Illustrators’ Day –includes breakfast, lunch, Illustrating Assignment with Art Director, Portfolio Critique and how to workshop. SPECIAL HOTEL PRICING:  $95 for anyone attending who would like to stay overnight.  

SPACE IS LIMITED – Please e-mail to reserve space and then fill out this form. 

INFO for November 13th – WRITER’S CRAFT DAY 

For our novel and chapter book writers, Anita Nolan will conduct the following craft workshops: 

Do editors or agents say your characters are one-dimensional, flat, or unsympathetic? In the Deepening Characterization Workshop, we’ll discuss how to make a character sympathetic, intriguing and believable—to make them come alive.  We’ll talk about using no more characters than you need. We’ll discuss villains, antagonists, and secondary characters too. We’ll also talk about upping the stakes, layering your character, and adding emotion. 

Rarely does an aspiring author have too much tension in a manuscript. Instead a story almost always needs more. The story might move too slowly or the character might solve their problems too easily. We’ll talk about creating inner conflict and making the high points bigger, dealing with backstory and how it can slow the pacing, and techniques on how to determine where your story has tension, where it doesn’t, and things you can do if your story starts to slow to add tension and conflict. 

Anita is the Executive Editor of Sprouts Magazine.  She conducts writing workshops and is a frequent speaker. 


These are going to be active workshops, so bring the first fifty pages of your manuscript (if you don’t have fifty pages written, bring what you have, but at least twenty).  Also bring highlighters of at least 5 different colors, paper and a pen. 
For our picture book people Leeza Hernandez will conduct a picture book workshop. 


INFO for PICTURE BOOK WORKSHOP on November 13th 

Picture Book Breakdowns: From writer’s block to word count, and from page turners to word choice. Sharpen your skills with hands-on methods to master your manuscript—without even breaking a sweat! Workshop includes a “Creative Pick-Me-Up” interlude. 


Leeza is a published writer and illustrator.  The NJSCBWI Illustrator Coordinator and the Creative Art Director of Sprouts Magazine. 

Attendees are assigned an editor or agent, who will receive your manuscript (first 30 pages of novel or full picture book) before the workshop to oread and critique.  On the day of the workshop, attendees will meet with their mentor for a 20 minute one-on-one critique.  All attendees are assigned to a critique group and your submission will be discussed by the group.  During the day, everyone will hear one of their first pages read aloud and two editors will comment on what they thought as they heard your first page.  

We end the day with a Q & A session with the faculty, so bring your questions with you.


I will be posting more about this workshop, so check back. 

Hope to see you in November. 

Talk tomorrow, 



  1. […] information on this event is available on Kathy Temean’s website and on the NJ SCBWI website: […]


  2. I would like to attend Nov 14th – Mentoring Workshop – Please rsvp me and I will fill the form later with payment


    • Sayeh,

      Send in your registration and check to the address listed on the website to secure your spot. Look forward to seeing you.



  3. […] I will also be conducting a couple of workshops for the NJ SCBWI the Saturday (Nov 13) before the November Mentoring Workshop. (Nov 14) You can read more about that on Kathy Temean’s blog here. […]


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