Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 16, 2010

E-Readers – Yes? No?

Recently, I have been thinking about e-readers and wondering what they bring to the table.  I know I am late to this new trend, but since I am a gadget person, I started thinking maybe I was wrong to diss them without really trying one.  

Of course, no one wants to put out and couple hundred dollars in this economy, unless you are sure you are going to be happy with your purchase.  So I thought some of you may have tried out the Kindle or the Nook and would be able to give me your thoughts.

I do like books and really don’t want to give them up, but I think you can make notes and highlight on the readers, which sounds like a good thing. 

I find myself wanting to make notes, but not wanting to mess up my hardcover, autographed copy.  Then when I want to point out something in the book, I have a hard time finding the sentence that makes my point.  I would think an e-reader would help.

Hope some of you will weigh in to help.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. I wish I could help, Kathy, especially since you are ALWAYS helping others, but I haven’t bought one and I’m old (haha) so I don’t know anyone who has one, either. (I will always love books, though.)
    One area it would help is with school books–my daughter’s backpack was so heavy every day in her Junior year in high school. The E-readers would make a big difference in high school and college.


  2. I just came across this short article:
    Hope it helps.


  3. I do like gadgets and try to be open to new ideas, so I am interested in the ebook trend, but the cost would have to come down considerably for me to make an investment of a couple of hundred dollars.

    I also like to handle books, highlight, make notes etc.

    When the price drops considerably, I would be willing to take the plunge.


  4. I agree with notes that an E reader would be awesome for my kids for school. To eliminate all those big, bulky text books would be a blessing on their backs. I personally like to hold a book in my hand. And, no thanks, I would not want to teach my five year old how to read on a e gadget. And what about the illustrations in books? Are they represented on E readers? If not, we illustrators need to revolt!


  5. Good point! I’ve never used an e-reader, but I can’t imagine it does justice to beautiful illustrations. I wonder if the simple line drawings show up okay?

    And Kathy, I truly love seeing the processes of the illustrators–it only makes me want to become an illustrator even more. Can anyone recommend an online illustration class? It doesn’t seem like an easy thing to do, without input from an instructor. Thank you for any info you can share!
    Pam B


  6. My aunt has a Nook and LOVES it. She’s an avid reader and elementary school librarian. She also travels back and forth from England (work home) to the US (family home) about three times/year. So it works well for her since she reads so much and travels.

    I have my Netbook and have downloaded the Kindle for PC software (which is free; I believe B&N has a similar setup).

    While mine is not the awesome, unback-lit e-Ink, the little screen on the Netbook is the perfect size, and backlighting doesn’t seem to bother my eyes. I have the same instant access to the Amazon bookstore and can turn pages with a single button click.

    I do like the eInk, though. I also know a few editors who have Kindles who love them and use them to read manuscripts on!


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