Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 9, 2010

Successes And Industry Changes

Well, I have been waiting to announce this one.  At the First Page Session in April, Susan Hawk, agent at The Bent Agency heard Felicia Chernesky first page and was excited to hear more.  Felicia has been working with her since and now the contract is signed on both ends.  It sounds like Susan has a lot of plans for Felicia, so it is okay to share her good news with you.  Congratulations!  Felicia and Susan.  The Bent Agency.




The 2010 E.B. White Read Aloud Honors for Older Readers was award to Kristin Venuti for her funny book, LEAVING THE BELLWEATHERS.  If you attended the conference in June, you had the pleasure of meeting her.  Hopefully you picked up a copy and had her sign it for you.  I did and I had already read it.  Pick it up.  I know you will enjoy it.  Congratulations!  Kristin

Also, you might have met Ann Rinaldi at the conference in June.  The Princeton Packet devote a page in its Time Off section on July 2nd to covering her new historical novel THE FAMILY GREENE about Katy Greene, beautiful young bride of General Nathanael Greene who became 2nd in command to General George Washington in the Revolution.  Katy lifts the troops’ spirits at Valley Forge, which causes years of gossip and rumors. This concerns her daughter, Cornelia.  The book reveals her struggles on her father’s plantation in Georgia (1786) with rumors of her mother’s being a “flirt” at Valley Forge.  Cornelia eventually comes to understand and deal with her mother’s struggles in the war.  Good luck with the book, Ann.

Please check yesterday’s post.  I added a lot of things, like Shauna Fay coming to the November 4th  First Page Session, a Picture of Leila Sales and what she likes, plus a book trailer for John Cusick for you to see what he looks like.

Laura Tisdel has been promoted to associate editor for Viking, Penguin and Plume.

At Harper Children’s, Farrin Jacobs has been promoted to editorial director, continuing to report to Elise Howard. She has been heading the teen fiction series team in the fiction publishing group. Erica Sussman has been promoted to senior editor, continuing to report to Tara Weikum.

At Scholastic’s trade publishing division, Lisa Sandell has been promoted to executive editor, Scholastic Press.

Amanda Urban at ICM is the first agent to be awarded 2010 Maxwell E. Perkins Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Field of Fiction.

Hope everyone is keeping cool.  I can’t wait to see my electric bill.  Did you know that a group of Jellyfish is called a Smack?

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Congratulations Felicia and Kristin!



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