Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 2, 2010

Network Dinners & Query Series?

We had our first two Networking dinners on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.   We held the first dinner at Cafe Centro in the Metlife Building on East 45th St. at 200 Park Ave.  I chose that restaurant, because we had a bigger group and they had a private dining room that we could only get it we had over 18 people.  The room was perfect, the service was perfect, the food was perfect and by the end of the day the humidity lifted, which when you top off all that with Michelle Poploff – VP Editorial Director at Random House, Kristin Marino – Executive Editor at Random House, Rebecca Frazer – Editor, Sourcebooks, Jabberwocky, Marissa Walsh – Agent, Fine Print Literary Agency, Catherine Onder – Editor, Disney-Hyperion, Shauna Fay – Assistant Editor, Putnam, and Harold Underdown from Harold and the Purple Crayon, our gathering was the perfect night.

Wednesday found us at the Bourbon Street Bar and Grill (a trendy spot on Restaurant Row) with Stephen Barbara – Agent at Foundry Literary + Media, Karen Chaplin – Editor at Puffin, Alison Wortche – Associate Editor, Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, and Erica Sussman – Editor, HarperCollins.  This was a smaller group and we asked a lot of questions. 

I asked about book series.  It seems to me that the feeling about series are changing.   Five years ago you would hear editors advise not to mention that you saw your book as a series, but now with more editors looking for book series, I felt like the market had changed and that the editors were more open to hearing about your ideas for series.

The consenus was that you should let the editor know that this submission has series potential, but if you have written 25 books in the series, it may be better not to overwhelm the editor with getting into the details of 25 books.  Start generating interest and save the number for later.

We even had a networking lunch this week.  Well, we did, but it took place in another state.  Four very nice ladies from South Carolina attended our conference in June.  The light bulb went off and I asked them if they would like me to arrange a networking get-to-gether for them with Tracey Adams.  Tracey is a sweetheart and she said, “yes,” and even said she would bring the other agents who work for her to the dinner or lunch.  It ended up being lunch since they had to drive a few hours to get to Tracey.  Here is the thank you letter the Carolina Girls sent me.

We knew that traveling to the New Jersey SCBWI conference would be a fantastic experience, but we never guessed what a nice bonus would come our way a few weeks later. Our Greensboro, NC critique group has Kathy Temean to thank for a wonderful opportunity to meet with the Adams Literary Agency over lunch in Charlotte.

            Tracey and Josh Adams and Quinlan Lee were so generous with their time that our lunch actually lasted longer than our drive to Charlotte.

            We had fun hearing anecdotes about the publishing industry and getting to know these three terrific people.  And they answered all our questions with honesty and expertise.

            Moral of the story:  Consider conferences in other states.  You never know…

Tilda Balsley
Ellen Fischer
Ann Harrell
Caroline McAlister

GREAT NEWS!!!   Edward Necarsulmer IV, Director, Children’s Department – McIntosh and Otis, Inc. (Literary Agency)

Edward confirmed that he will join us next June at our 2011 Conference.  I LOVE EDWARD!  YOU WILL TOO!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. I will testify ~ both dinners were AWESOME! Thoughtfully organized, with a perfect mix of editors/agents and authors. I got to know many people on a more personal level, which is SO important. Finding the perfect agent or editor isn’t a one way street, it has to be a good match for the author, too. I think in our eagerness to be published, combined with fear of not completely understanding the industry, we tend to forget this key ingredient to our own career success. These dinners were the perfect follow up to the contacts made at the conference, as well as for those who couldn’t attend. Kathy can you republish the list of the rest of the summer networking dinners for anyone who might have missed it? Very heady company!


    • I don’t know if anyone will see it here, but I just had one person chancel for each of these dinners. The rest are full.

      August 3rd – NYC – Naples 45 – 200 Park Ave. & 45th St. – 6:30 pm
      Mary Kole – Agent, Andrea Brown
      Connie Hsu – Assistant Editor, Little, Brown & Co.
      Kate Sullivan – Assistant Editor, Little, Brown & Co.
      Susan Hawk – Agent, Jenny Bent Agency

      August 4th – NYC – Hurley’s Saloon – 232 West 48th Street – 6:00 pm
      Sean McCarthy – Agent, Sheldon Fogelman Agency
      Heather Alexander – Assistant Edition, Dial BFYR
      Regina Griffin – Sr. Editor, EgmontUSA
      Anna Olswanger – Agent, Liza Dawson Associates


  2. Kathy, glad you got another letter reminding you about the difference you make in everyone’s life.
    SWAK, H


    • Hallee,

      I need to get back to you. I haven’t forgotten.



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