Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 20, 2010

Summer Networking Dinners

There are still a few spots left for the Networking Dinners.  Here is the information with the dates and restaurants:

June 29th – NYC  Cafe Centro – 200 Park Ave. & East 45th Street – 6:30 pm
Rebecca Frazer – Editor, Sourcebooks, Jabberwocky
Marissa Walsh – Agent, Fine Print Literary Agency
Michelle Poploff – VP Editorial Director, Random House
Catherine Onder – Editor, Disney-Hyperion
Shauna Fay – Assistant Editor, Putnam
June 30th – NYC  Bourbon Street Bar and Grill – 346 45th Street – 6:00 pm
Stephen Barbara – Agent, Foundry Literary + Media
Alison Wortche – Assistant editor, Knopf Crown
Karen Chaplin – Editor, Puffin
Erica Sussman – Editor, HarperCollins

July 15th  – Princeton, NJ  Witherspoon Grill 7:00 pm
Magery Cuyler – Publisher, Marshall Cavendish
Marietta Zacker – Agent, Nancy Gallt Agency
Carolyn Yoder – Editor, Calkins Creek; Sr. Editor, History, HIGHLIGHTS
Teresa Kietlinski – Agent, Prospect Agency

July 27th – NYC  A.J. Maxwell’s Steakhouse  6:30 pm

Holly McGhee – President, Agent of Pippin Properties
Tamra Tuller – Editor, Philomel
Lisa Yoskowitz – Assistant Editor, Dutton
Eve Adler – Associate Editor, Henry Holt

July 28th – NYC – Cucina Cafe – 200 Park Ave & East 45th St. – 6:00 pm
Kelly Smith – Editor, Sterling Publishing
Emilly Van Beek – Agent, Folio Literary Management
Steve Meltzer – Associate Pub/ Exe. Managing Ed., Dial, Dutton, & Celebra
Sarah Barley – Associate Editor, HarperCollins
John Cusick – Agent, Scott Treimel Literary Agency
Edward Necarslumer – Director and Agent, McIntosh & Otis
Christa Heschke – Assistant Agent, McIntosh & Otis

August 3rd – NYC – Naples 45 – 200 Park Ave. & 45th St. – 6:30 pm
Mary Kole – Agent, Andrea Brown
Connie Hsu – Assistant Editor, Little, Brown & Co.
Kate Sullivan – Assistant Editor, Little, Brown & Co.
Susan Hawk – Agent, Jenny Bent Agency

August 4th – NYC  – Hurley’s Saloon – 232 West 48th Street – 6:00 pm
Sean McCarthy – Agent, Sheldon Fogelman Agency
Heather Alexander – Assistant Edition, Dial BFYR
Regina Griffin – Sr. Editor, EgmontUSA
Scott Treimel – Agent/owner, Scott Treimel Literary Agency

PLEASE NOTE:  There are no refunds for these dinners.  If you sign up and can not come, you still owe the money, unless I can find someone to take your place.

Please e-mail me if you would like a spot.  Each dinner is $140.  Checks are mailed to:

NJSCBWI – PO Box 660 – Ringoes, NJ 08551

For all of you who know Nancy Consecu, Senior Editor at Little, Brown & Co.  She is leaving Little, Brown for a position of Executive Editor at Dutton.  She starts on July 6th at Dutton and will report directly to Lauri Hornik.  Congratulations, Nancy!

Another Snapple Bottle Fun Fact:  Did you know that President Taft weighed 300 lbs?  He was so big he got suck in the bathtub at the White House.  Image what the press would do to him with if he were President today.  I wonder if we would even vote for a person who was 300 lbs., today.

Talk tomorrow,


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